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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Wizards Tower Asset Pack

Author: Tom Cartos

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

The Wizards Tower Asset Pack contains 345 arcane assets to kit out your Wizards tower, Mages study, Alchemists lab or Artificers workshop.
Assets Include:
- Gothic Furnishings
- Specimens & Artifacts
- Creatures & Chimaeras
- Books & Scrolls
- Wands & Staffs
- Crystals & Orbs
- Alchemy Supplies
- Surgical Tools
- Cloning Implements
- Portals & Arcane Circles
and much more!

Look out for my map bundles that include unfurnished versions of each location for you to customise, along with additional asset packs to further add to your designs.

Want to use this art pack in your own published Roll20 module? The Creator of this Art Pack is open to discussing Commercial Licensing for an additional licensing fee. Please use the contact information found in their Creator Profile to inquire.

345 Items Included in Wizards Tower Asset Pack

TC_Alchemical Flask 01

potion flask alchemical

TC_Alchemical Flask 03

flask potions alchemical

TC_Alchemical Flask 04

flask poison alchemical

TC_Alchemical Flask 05

flask alchemical poisons

TC_Alchemical Flask 06

potion flask alchemical

TC_Alchemical Flask 07

potion flask alchemical

TC_Alchemy Flask 01

potion flask alchemy

TC_Alchemy Flask 02

flask alchemy potions

TC_Alchemy Flask 03

flask alchemy poisons

TC_Alchemy Flask 04

flask alchemy poisons

TC_Alchemy Flask 05

wizard flask alchemy

TC_Alchemy Flask 06

flask alchemy coils

TC_Alchemy Flask 07

potion flask alchemy

TC_Apothecary Box_1x1

box storage apothecary

TC_Apothecary Cabinet 01_2x1

cabinet storage apothecary

TC_Apothecary Cabinet 02_1x1

table cabinet apothecary

TC_Apothecary Pestle and Mortar

apothecary mortar pestle

TC_Apothecary Satchel 01

bag apothecary satchel

TC_Apothecary Satchel 02

backpack apothecary satchel

TC_Apothecary Supplies 01_1x1

supplies storage apothecary

TC_Apothecary Supplies 02_1x1

supplies shelves apothecary

TC_Apothecary Supplies 03

supplies apothecary herbs

TC_Apothecary Table_2x1

table desk apothecary

TC_Apothecarys Scales

apothecary scales measurements

TC_Arcane Artifact 01

arcane artifact turbine

TC_Arcane Artifact 02

arcane orb artifact

TC_Arcane Artifact 03

arcane markings artifact

TC_Arcane Artifact 04

arcane artifact relic

TC_Arcane Artifact 05

arcane egg artifact

TC_Arcane Circle 01

magic circle arcane

TC_Arcane Circle 02

circle arcane teleportation

TC_Arcane Circle 03

circle arcane summoning

TC_Arcane Circle 04

circle arcane abjuration

TC_Arcane Circlet

arcane circlet tiara

TC_Arcane Light Green 01

light green arcane

TC_Arcane Light Green 02

light green arcane

TC_Arcane Light Green 03

light green arcane

TC_Arcane Light Red 01

light red arcane

TC_Arcane Light Red 02

light red arcane

TC_Arcane Light Red 03

light red arcane

TC_Arcane Light Yellow 01

light yellow arcane

TC_Arcane Light Yellow 02

light yellow arcane

TC_Arcane Light Yellow 03

light yellow arcane

TC_Arcane Manuscript 01

map arcane manuscript

TC_Arcane Manuscript 02

arcane chart manuscript

TC_Arcane Manuscript 03

arcane drawings manuscript

TC_Arcane Manuscript 04

arcane planes manuscript

TC_Arcane Rune 01

rune arcane ward

TC_Arcane Rune 02

giant rune arcane

TC_Arcane Sphere Blue

blue arcane sphere

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