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Asset Pack: Camping

Author: Midgardia $5.99 USD

Time to set up camp! This pack aims to provide all the assets you need to set up camp on any map the party happens to be on, plus a handy wagon with various tops for those days on the road! (Locomotion not included)

Pair with Random Encounters: Forest to always be ready for a campsite out in the open!

You'll find:

Plus 3 ready-made maps to use for those sudden night-time encounters you just weren't ready for!

31 Items Included in Asset Pack: Camping

Axe 1x1

camp wood weapon

Barrel 1 1x1

storage wine keg

Barrel 2 1x1

storage wine keg

Barrel 3 1x1

storage wine keg

Barrel Side 1x1

storage wine keg

Bedroll A 2x1

sleep camp bed

Bedroll B 2x1

sleep camp bed

Bedroll D 2x1

sleep camp bed

Bedroll E 1x2

sleep camp bed

Beer Keg 1x1

storage wine barrel

Boat 1x3

kayak rowboat ship

Campfire Spit 2x1

cooking cook camp

Cart A 1x2

transport wheelbarrow wheel

Cart B Metal 1x2

transport wheel mine

Cart B Wooden 1x2

transport wheel

Cauldron 1x1

cook pot camp

Firepit 1x1

camp wood fire

Fish on a Stick 1x1

eat cook camp

Fishing Pole 1x2

fish camp river

Wagon Cover Canvas 2x4

oregon transport tent

Wagon Cover Wooden 4x4

transport roof house

Wagon Wooden 2x5

transport carriage cart

Backpack 1x1

pack equipment camp

Tent A 2x2

sleep night camp

Tent B 2x3

carnival sleep camp

Tent C 3x3

carnival sleep camp

Camp Gridded 16x16

ambush forest camp


ambush forest camp

Camp B 18x16

ambush forest camp

Bandit Cave Gridded 30x30

cave camp bandit

Bandit Cave 30x30

cave camp bandit

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