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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Towns & Taverns

Author: Loke BattleMats

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $12.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

The maps from the Towns & Taverns Books of Battle Mats, this is a collection of dungeon themed maps from the pages of our modular battle mat book set.

This pack also includes the map pages from the Little Book of Battle Mats - Towns & Taverns.

There are enough map tiles here for many, many tavern, village and town encounters!

There are 81 tiles sized at 12x12, 37 tiles sized at 6x6 and 2 tiles sized at 12x6

120 Items Included in Towns & Taverns

TTB1-P3-L-Rural Inn

tavern inn rural

TTB1-P4-R-Rural Inn

tavern inn rural

TTB1-P5-L-Village Streets

village town rural

TTB1-P6-R-Village Streets

village town rural

TTB1-P7-L-Village Walls

camp wall stockade

TTB1-P8-R-Village Walls

camp wall stockade


town port docks


town port docks

TTB1-P11-L-Guild Quarter

building street town

TTB1-P12-R-Guild Quarter

street town lane

TTB1-P13-L-The Lanes

street town lane

TTB1-P14-R-The Lanes

street town lane

TTB1-P15-L-City Tavern

hall lodge taven

TTB1-P16-R-City Tavern

building town courtyard

TTB1-P17-L-High Street

street town shop

TTB1-P18-R-High Street

street town shop


entrance garden town


entrance garden town


square cobblestone courtyard


square cobblestone courtyard

TTB1-P23-L-Market Square

square town market

TTB1-P23-V-Market Square No Statue

square town market

TTB1-P24-R-Market Square

square town market

TTB1-P24-V-Market Square No Stalls

square town marlket


mansion room hall


mansion entrance hall


storage warehouse crates

TTB1-P27-V-Warehouse Empty Floor

room wooden floor building


yard warehouse crates

TTB1-P29-L-Upmarket Rooms

rooms interior corridors

TTB1-P30-R-Upmarket Rooms

rooms interior corridors


caves underground sewer


underground undercity sewer

TTB1-P33-L-Town Walls

castle walls town

TTB1-P33-V-Town Walls-Drawbridge-Up

castle walls town

TTB1-P34-R-Town Walls

castle walls town

TTB1-P35-L-Bridge District

street town canal

TTB1-P36-R-Bridge District

bridge street town


graveyard cemetery town


graveyard cemetery town

TTB1-P39-L-City Ruins

city ruins town

TTB1-P40-R-City Ruins

city ruins town


village mill rural


field farm rural

TTB2-P5-L-Village Streets

village street rural

TTB2-P6-R-Village Streets

village street rural

TTB2-P7-L-Mead Hall

camp stockade walls

TTB2-P8-R-Mead Hall

camp hall longhouse


dock town port


dock town port

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