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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Sci-fi Battle Maps

Author: Loke BattleMats

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

Attention space adventurers! This bundle contains an array of 37 sci-fi themed mats to keep your crew rolling through any unexpected encounters.

The maps cover a wide range of sci-fi settings, from ship rooms, station corridors, barren moons, alien jungles, ice planets, desert planets and even the depths of space among others.
This pack contains maps from all of the pages of the ENnie nominated 'Big Book of Sci-Fi Battle Mats'

All maps are sized at 24x24.

37 Items Included in Sci-fi Battle Maps

Steel Deckplate Square Plates 24x24

scifi deckplates metal floor

Steel Deckplate Hex Plates 24x24

scifi deckplates metal floor

Moonscape 24x24

moon craters moonscape

Ventilation Shaft 24x24

scifi industrial ventilation

Lower Decks Hex Plates 24x24

industrial rust deckplates

Lower Decks Square Plates 24x24

industrial rust deckplates

Corporate Lobby 24x24

cyberpunk lobby corporate

Junkyard 24x24

junk urban junkyard

Airlock 24x24

space airlock station

Alien Jungle 24x24

alien jungle

Azure Nebula 24x24

scifi space nebula

Desert Planet Surface 24x24

desert sand desert planet

Cargo Lighter Landed 24x24

scifi spaceship cargo ship

Cargo Lighter No Background-24x24

scifi spaceship cargo ship

Cargo Lighter in Space 24x24

scifi spaceship cargo ship

Ducting Sector 24x24

base industrial ducting

Engineering 24x24

factory power engineering

Future Streets 24x24

scifi street cyberpunk

Gas Giant 24x24

planet orbit gas giant

Ice Planet Surface 24x24

arctic ice cold

In Orbit 24x24

space planet orbit

Industrial Sector 24x24

scifi base industrial

Landing Pad 24x24

landing pad moonscape

Medlab 24x24

scifi labratory medlab

Starship Bridge 24x24

scifi starship bridge

Transit Station 24x24

station train transit

Cargo Deck 24x24

scifi warehouse cargo

Shuttle No Background 24x24

ship spaceship shuttle

Shuttle Landed 24x24

ship spaceship shuttle

Shuttle in Space 24x24

ship spaceship shuttle

Asteroids 24x24

space asteroid asteroids

Alien Ruins 24x24

aliens moonscape alien ruins

Habitat Concourse 24x24

habitat space station concourse

Hangar Bays 24x24

bay hangar space dock

Hull Breach 24x24

scifi space station hull breach

Outpost Cantina 24x24

base outpost cantina

Space Station Docks 24x24

space station star dock

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