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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Old World Style: Set 2

Author: Russ Hapke $5.99

171 Items Included in Old World Style: Set 2

Arch 1

archway arch pillar

Arch 2

buttress arch pillar

Arch 3

archway arch architecture

Arch 4

buttress pillar architecture

Arch 5

buttress arch city

Arch 6

buttress arch church

Shingled awning

overhang awning wood

Stacked barrels

barrels kegs wooden

Stacked barrels 2

barrels kegs wood

Stone arched bridge 1

city bridge stone

Stone arched bridge 2

river bridge stone

Stone arched bridge/brace 1

masonry bridge stone

Small Stone bridge/arch/brace

masonry mortar stone

Stone bridge/arch/brace 2

rampart arch stone

Small stone bridge/arch/brace 2

arch bridge stone

Wooden Bridge 1

shingles shingle crossing world style old water wooden wood bridge maps fantasy token map

Wooden Bridge 2

covered wood bridge

Wooden Bridge 3

shingle wooden bridge

Wooden Bridge truss 1

trusses truss wooden

Wooden Bridge truss 2

beams truss wood

Wooden Bridge truss 3

support wood bridge

Wooden Bridge truss 4

beams support bridge

Building 1

duplex townhouse town

Building 2

shack thatched roof cottage

Building 3

hovel cottage house

Building 4

townhouse town village

Building 4

neighborhood village houses

Building 5

shack hut house

Building 6

cabin town house

Building 7

townhouse village homes

Building 8

twostory townhouse residence

Building 10

neighborhood homes houses

Building 11

neighborhood hamlet houses

Building 12

temple city church

Building 13

townhouse village house

Building 14

townhouse shop merchant

Building 15

shopping merchant city

Building 16

hamlet merchant business

Building 17

neighborhood townhouse houses

Building 18

shacks homes cottages

Building 19

shop merchant building

Building 20

shop market merchant

Building 21

townhouse city building

Building 22

temple city church

Cattails 1

reeds cattails swamp

Cattails 2

reeds cattails swamp

cobble road 1

cobblestone street road


monastery temple church

Cobble road 2

cobblestone street road

Cobble road 3

cobblestone road stone

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