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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Viking Life

Author: Tactical Master

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

A set of 3 map packs (as well as variations and interactive objects) for the adventures of barbarians at sea and on land. Travel across the open sea to enemy shores, fight on the dueling island and visit an ancient mound.

Viking raid [40x40]
- 12 map options. Clear, Open sea clear, 5 One drakkar (day, night, fog, open sea, open sea storm), 5 Tree drakkar (3 day, open sea, open sea storm).
- png Drakkar
- Helpsheet (Visual guide on the map)

Holmgang [40x40]
- 8 map options. Day, Night, Fog, Rain, Just island, Clear land, Lava, Dream.
- Helpsheet (Visual guide on the map)

Ancestral Mound [30x50]
- 7 map options. Day, Day for png, Night, Fog, 3 Mound hill (Day, Night, Fog).
- 2 png stone door, skeleton lord
- Helpsheet (Visual guide on the map)

33 Items Included in Viking Life

TM Viking raid clear 40x40

coast beach

TM Viking raid open sea 40x40

sea ocean ripples


token ship interactive

TM Viking raid one ship 40x40

day drakkar arrival

TM Viking raid one ship night 40x40


TM Viking raid one ship fog 40x40

horror fog

TM Viking raid sea one ship 40x40

water alone

TM Viking raid sea one ship storm 40x40

lost tempest

TM Viking raid three ship 1 40x40

bay anchorage

TM Viking raid three ship 2 40x40

gang raid

TM Viking raid three ship 3 40x40


TM Viking raid sea three ship 40x40

adventure campaign cruise

TM Viking raid sea three ship storm 40x40

storm shipwreck caught

TM Viking raid helpsheet

guide help

TM Holmgang 40x40

duel challenge test

TM Holmgang night 40x40

secret night fight

TM Holmgang fog 40x40

arena foggy

TM Holmgang rain 40x40

storm monsoon

TM Holmgang lava 40x40

lava hell demon

TM Holmgang dream 40x40

magic illusion dream

TM Holmgang just island 40x40

island day

TM Holmgang helpsheet

guide help

TM Holmgang clear land 40x40

clear no tree

TM Ancestral Mound 30x50

dungeon crypt day

TM Ancestral Mound for png 30x50

no door no skeleton

TM Ancestral Mound night 30x50

night security

TM Ancestral Mound fog 30x50

burial ritual foggy

TM Ancestral Mound up 30x50

roof hill ancestors

TM Ancestral Mound up night 30x50


TM Ancestral Mound up fog 30x50

horror undead

TM skeleton lord chill

dead barbarian cheef

TM stone door

TM Ancestral Mound helpsheet

guide help

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