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Udo Station Market - Sci-Fi Bazaar Battle Map

Author: Miska's Maps $4.99

Udo Station is a notable spaceport located in the Third Expanse between several major trade routes, syndicate clans, and corporate houses. Udo Station is controlled by Sedemirgi, a clan of outcast alien crime lords, who have managed to keep the station under their rule for several hundred years despite the multiple attempts to seize its control by the clans and corporation houses alike.

Udo Station is the wretched hive of scum and villainy in this part of the charted space and you can find all kinds of ships passing its ports. Mercenaries looking for work, envoys making shady deals, and smugglers trading their illicit goods straight out of their ships' cargo hold.

10 Items Included in Udo Station Market - Sci-Fi Bazaar Battle Map


space station bazaar dark


space station grid dark


spaceport market desert


spaceport grid desert


blackout emergency lights dark


blackout dark damaged


blackout grid damaged


blackout grid emergency


asteroid colony spacestation market


asteroid colony space station grid

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