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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Tavern & Creator Kit

Author: Misjay Maps $4.99 USD

Level One Tavern

A tiny tavern with 3 levels of basements packed with potential for quests and adventure

Designed with beginners in mind - as a way of introducing them to a few different types of quests without leaving the start location
Or as a location that can be used as a base, with a bit more of it discovered each time you return

A DM's Notes map is included. It shows where the secret doors are and also has a few quest plot ideas in case you are in a hurry and drawing blanks on ideas

Map levels


Creator Kit

The Creator kit is designed with a base map of every level and a shadows overlay for each level so that any assets added (regardless of where they come from) will still have wall shadows - this makes them feel more a part of the map rather than 'hovering' over the map.

Using the multi-layer creator kit...

Repeat for each level of the map then see what sort of chaos you can lure your players into


The door assets are 1x2 with the door centered on the center grid line
All the other assets are high res and square - so that they should drop in un-warped and you can scale up to whatever size you like

Have fun!

90 Items Included in Tavern & Creator Kit

MJ_13x11_Level 1 Tavern

pub building tavern

MJ_13x11_Level 1 Tavern_GRID

basic building tavern

MJ_13x11_Level 1 Tavern_with rug

basic building tavern

MJ_13x11_Level 1 Tavern_with rug_GRID

basic building tavern

MJ_13x11_Level 1 Tavern_Unlit

battlemao building tavern

MJ_13x11_Level 1 Tavern_Unlit_GRID

battlemap pub tavern

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment A_Bloody_Unlit

secret room cellar basement

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment A_Bloody

secret room study mage

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment A_Unlit

secret room secret door store

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment A

cellar underground basement

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment B_Bloody_Unlit

tavern fight fightpit brawl

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment B_Bloody

fight pit tavern brawl combat

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment B_Unlit

fight combat pit

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment B

training combat fighting

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment C_Bloody_Unlit

dismal dungion tomb

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment C_Bloody

sacrafice tomb blood

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment C_Unlit

coffins tomb grave

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment C

alter tomb grave

MJ_13x11_Level 1 Tavern_Creator Kit Floor

creator kit

MJ_13x11_Level 1 Tavern_Creator Kit Floor_GRID

creator kit

MJ_13x11_Level 1 Tavern_Creator Kit Shadows

creator kit

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment A_Creator Kit Floor

creator kit

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment A_Creator Kit Shadows

creator kit

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment B_Creator Kit Floor

creator kit

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment B_Creator Kit Shadows

creator kit

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment C_Creator Kit Floor

creator kit

MJ_11x8_Level 1 Tavern_Basment C_Creator Kit Shadows

creator kit

MJ_Bedroom cluster

assets bedroom bed

MJ_Beer mugs

cup beer mug

MJ_Bench 1

seating seat bench

MJ_bench 2

seating seat bench

MJ_Books 1

study library books

MJ_Books 2

decor books clutter


curiosity magic object


closed door door


closed door door


closed door door

MJ_Door_1x2_Open Left_Blue

open door door

MJ_Door_1x2_Open Left_Green

open door door

MJ_Door_1x2_Open Left_Orange

open door door

MJ_Door_1x2_Open Right_Blue

open door door

MJ_Door_1x2_Open Right_Green

open door door

MJ_Door_1x2_Open Right_Orange

open door door

MJ_Fire tools

toold spade fire


firewood kindling fire

MJ_Magic Floor symbol

witchcraft portal magic

MJ_Rug 1

mat rug carpet

MJ_Rug 2

mat rug carpet

MJ_Rug 3_folded

mat rug carpet

MJ_Rug 3

mat rug carpet

Loading additional items...

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