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Roll20 Marketplace Product

A Pirate's life for me!

Author: Kiel Thompson $5.99 USD

This product depicts 75 uniquely designed 3D rendered tokens to be used in your fantasy role-playing games. The high seas are calling you home, but there is always someone trying to loot that dream!

This pack includes the following.

33 Pirates, both male and female with some dead tokens

7 Merrow with 1 dead token

1 Wizard both alive and dead

Objects and furniture

This pack has 3 different coloured ships, black, brown and white along with corresponding coloured sails, in three colour variations, black red and white. Also each ship has a cannon version included in each colour. The sails are separate to be pushed to the back or the GM lair when the action is on board the ship. Also included is a Airship and corresponding balloon, each separate to not mask the action. Included is a animated wake of a ship as well as a still version.

75 Items Included in A Pirate's life for me!

Airship balloon

brown red sails

Airship gondola

brown wood flying

Ballista 1

mobile mounted wheels

Ballista 2

rotate big arrow

Barrel 1

empty keg wooden

Barrel 2

cask drum side

Black ship with cannons without sails

powder wooden gun

Black ship without sails

galleon wooden helm

Black wood with black sails

seperate canvas crows

Black wood with red sails

nest crows wine

Black wood with white sails

disconnected upper rigging

Brown ship with cannons without sails

powder wooden gun

Brown ship without sails

captains quarters wooden

Brown wood with black sails

canvas nest crows

Brown wood with red sails

canvas nest crows

Brown wood with white sails

canvas nest crows

Bucket with mop

poopdeck dirty water


dirty green water

Cannon below deck

neck long gun

Cannon on deck

neck short gun


shinny reflection sphere

Crate with cannonballs

trunk box wooden


swivel mounted spear


caterpult rocks stone

Merrow 1

harpoon sea creature

Merrow 2

sea monster spear

Merrow 3

purple sea spear

Merrow 4

harpoon yellow female

Merrow 5

fins blue sea

Merrow 6

dweller green ocean

Merrow dead

slain floating body


swab poopdeck wooden

Pirate 1 dead

tricorne captain bandit

Pirate 1

admiral leader bandit

Pirate 2

scimitar captain dagger

Pirate 3

freebooter beard bandit

Pirate 4

raider marauder lantern

Pirate 5

pointing dirty eyepatch

Pirate 6

relaxing tattoos bald

Pirate 7

dirty dagger bald

Pirate 8

shaggy scimitar brown

Pirate 9

ginger hair red

Pirate 10

beard bald sword

Pirate 11

apple eating captain

Pirate 11 dead

slain murdered killed

Pirate 12

runes scimitar leader

Pirate 13

buccaneer bandana rapier

Pirate 14

feather woman female

Pirate 15

hair red sword

Pirate 16

rover sailor dagger

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