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Roll20 Marketplace Product

MEGA MAPS Temple Pack

Author: Saul Wynne

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99

Temple maps and tiles set (MEGA MAP Special Edition)

Temple Video Trailer:

2 X Mega Maps (80x80 units each) - plus over 130 tiles

The Mountain Temple & The Temple Dungeon

154 Items Included in MEGA MAPS Temple Pack

MEGAMAP Temple banner

stone temple rope-bridge

Rock background bottom left map

map fantasy rock stone black underground background dark rile

Rock background bottom right map

map fantasy rock stone black underground background dark rile

Rock background top left map

map fantasy rock stone black underground background dark rile

Rock background top right map

map fantasy rock stone black underground background dark rile

Snake trap2 140X140

trap pit snakes

Stairs x2 down N-S 280x140

stone dungeon stairs

Stairs x2 down S-N 280x140

stone stairs temple

Temple Dungeon bottom left

stone dungeon temple

Temple Dungeon bottom right

stone dungeon river

Temple Dungeon top left

dungeon pit temple

Temple Dungeon topright

map stone lava

Temple bottom left background map

map palm tree temple

Temple bottom left map

map tree clouds

Temple bottom right background1 map

path mountain rope bridge

Temple bottom right background 2 map

map fantasy waterfall

Temple bottom right background 3 map

map fantasy jungle

Temple bottom right 1 map

map mountain jungle

Temple bottom right 2 map

map path rope bridge

Temple bottom right 3 map

map fantasy grass stone tree fountain palm path wall building clouds waterfall mountain jungle temple bush rope bridge rile

Temple top left background map

fantasy stone clouds

Temple top left map

map fountain palm

Temple top right background map

map stone wall

Temple top right map

fantasy altar stairs

acid trap 140x280

stone trap acid

acid trap 2 140X140

stone trap acid

acid trough

stone green acid

altar 350x140

fantasy altar skull

altar bloody 350x140

fantasy blood altar

blood splat 1

blood transparent

blood splat 2

blood transparent smear

bloody altar 630x630 angled

bloody altar temple

bowl light

fire light bowl

brazier gold small fire v2 70x70

fire brazier temple

brazier gold small fire 70x70

fire stone gold

building room 420x280

fantasy stone room

building room 420x630

fantasy stone building

building room L-shape 630x630

tile stone room

building room t-shape 420x420

tile room t-shaped

building room t-shape 420x490

stone room t-shaped

corner bottom left 210x210

corner temple walled corridor

corner bottom right 210x210

stone corner walled

corner top left 210x210

stone dungeon corner


stone corner temple

Corridor Corner x2 top left 350x350

fantasy dungeon corner

Corridor Corner x2 bottom left 350x350

stone corner temple

Corridor Corner x2 bottom right 350x350

fantasy stone corner

Corridor Corner x2 top right 350x350

stone hallway corner

diagonal end room 490x350

fantasy dungeon diagonal room

door double closed 70x210

dungeon wooden double doors

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