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Tomb of the Desert Queen

Author: Ironspine Press $4.99 USD

Desert Queen's undead armies have already devastated many towns and cities at the border of the Sypherian nation and their numbers are growing after every victory. The fastest way to repel the army is to strike down the Desert Queen, but it would be impossible to defeat her on the field.

Instead, the wise archmagi of Sypheria have found the location of her phylactery hidden deep in the Khalmosian desert. A small group could travel there undetected and destroy the canopic jars tethering the soul and body of the desert Queen into the material plane. Do you accept the quest?

The map pack includes three different variants with and without a grid and labels:

12 Items Included in Tomb of the Desert Queen


tomb desert fantasy


tomb desert fantasy


tomb desert fantasy


tomb desert fantasy


pyramid desert fantasy


battlemap pyramid tomb


egyptian pyramid tomb


pyramid tomb undead


osr tomb map


temple pyramid dungeon


temple pyramid dungeon


pyramid dungeon desert

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