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Lair Entrances

Author: Venatus Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

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This asset pack is a little different than my other sets; rather than providing hundreds of smaller, multi-use props this pack instead aims to equip you with incredibly detailed, unique, large centerpiece assets to truly amp up the WOW factor of your maps. Specifically, these assets were created with entrances in mind--how often do we need to effectively portray the tone of a dungeon or lair just before our players are about to enter it? In this pack you'll receive 17 entrance pieces that be easily drag + dropped onto a map to instantly elevate its sense of drama. Whether you need an arcane portal that will whisk players to a demiplane, a humble cave entrance for the local beast's den, an ornate, frosted palace vestibule leading into the icy depths below, or the enormous skull of a long-dead legendary dragon, this pack will immediately turn a generic encounter into something visually memorable for your campaign.

18 Items Included in Lair Entrances

Entrance 1

dungeon lair temple

Entrance 2

dungeon lair cave

Entrance 3

dungeon lair temple

Entrance 4

dungeon lair portal

Entrance 5

dungeon lair temple

Entrance 6

dungeon lair well

Entrance 7

tree dungeon lair

Entrance 8

dungeon lair cave

Entrance 9

dungeon lair portal

Entrance 10

dungeon lair sewer

Entrance 11

dungeon lair ice

Entrance 12

dungeon lair snake

Entrance 13

dungeon fountain lair

Entrance 14

dungeon lair portal

Entrance 15_closed

dungeon lair tomb

Entrance 15_open

dungeon lair tomb

Entrance 16

dungeon lair skull

Entrance 17

dungeon lair golem

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