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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Rest and Problems

Author: Tactical Master $4.99 USD

A set of 5 map packs (as well as variations and interactive objects) for rest of adventurers, in which interesting can happen.

Skeleton of giant fish [27x24]
- 6 map options. Rain, Bottom sea, Night, Drought, Gray, Wasteland.
- Helpsheet (Visual guide on the map)

Rest in swamp [40x40]
- 6 map options. Day, Fog, Night. +3 Stonehenge instead of a building. Day, Fog, Night.
- Helpsheet (Visual guide on the map)
- png Boat

Bet on the trap [19x21]
- 5 map options. Day, Night and 3 alternative color versions
- Helpsheet (Visual guide on the map)
- 6 trap
- 9 png rune

Tavern [27x24]
- 5 map options. Native, Tavern on fire, Night and 2 alternative color versions.
- Helpsheet (Visual guide on the map)

BIG brawl [25x15]
- 4 map options. Day, Rain, Night and Unfurnished version
- Helpsheet (Visual guide on the map)
- 14 png furniture
- png Ship

62 Items Included in Rest and Problems

TM skeleton-of-giant-fish rain 27x24

rain camp coast

TM skeleton-of-giant-fish helpsheet

helpsheet guide

TM skeleton-of-giant-fish bottom-sea 27x24

bottom sea water

TM skeleton-of-giant-fish bottom 27x24

camping yellow camp

TM skeleton-of-giant-fish grey 27x24

bone grey horror

TM skeleton-of-giant-fish night 27x24

night camp fire

TM skeleton-of-giant-fish no 27x24

battlemap wasteland silt

TM Rest-in-swamp 40x40

building map guest swamp

TM Rest-in-swamp helpsheet

help guide adventure

TM Boat token

fishing boat token

TM Rest-in-swamp horror 40x40

foggy vampire house

TM Rest-in-swamp night 40x40

build night river

TM Rest-in-swamp-stones 40x40

stonehenge day altar

TM Rest-in-swamp-stones horror 40x40

ritual swamp stone

TM Rest-in-swamp-stones night 40x40

night island swamp

TM Bet-on-the-trap 19x21

test pub tavern

TM Bet-on-the-trap helpsheet

help guide adventure

TM Bet-on-the-trap night 19x21

night house club

TM Bet-on-the-trap 1 19x21

dark tavern horror

TM Bet-on-the-trap 2 19x21

illusion tavern

TM Bet-on-the-trap 3 19x21

yellow tavern

TM fire token

trap fire

TM gas room token


TM long spikes token


TM moving walls token


TM pit with spikes token


TM spike token


TM rune 1 token


TM rune 2 token


TM rune 3 token


TM rune 4 token


TM rune 5 token


TM rune 6 token


TM rune 7 token


TM rune 8 token


TM rune 9 token


TM Tavern-on-fire 27x24

burning tavern fire

TM Tavern-on-fire helpsheet

help guide adventure

TM Tavern 27x24

inn building tavern

TM Tavern 1 27x24

dark tavern horror

TM Tavern 2 27x24

illusion magic tavern

TM Tavern night 27x24

inn night tavern

TM big-brawl 25x15

pirates pub tavern

TM big-brawl helpsheet

help guide adventure

TM big-brawl rain 25x15

rain tavern

TM big-brawl night 25x15

pub night tavern

TM big-brawl no props 25x15

for token

TM barrel 1 token


TM barrel 2 token


TM barrel 3 token


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