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Retro Monsters

Author: Scott Helm $4.99

Look at all those monsters, just waiting to get wailed on by countless hordes of loot-hungry adventurers. Contact me at if you find anything wrong with the set, would like to commission some custom tokens, or if you just want to chat I guess

29 Items Included in Retro Monsters

Skeleton Warrior

spookey skellington skeleton retro warrior fantasy token

Skeleton Archer

scary boo skellington skeleton retro archer fantasy token

Skeleton Mage

scary boo skellington skeleton mage fantasy token

Drow Assassin

monsters retro drow assassin fantasy token

Drow Archer

monsters retro drow archer fantasy token

Drow Mage

monsters retro drow mage fantasy token

Clay Golem

golem monsters clay retro fantasy token

Magma Golem

golem monsters magma retro fantasy token

Snow Golem

golem monsters snow retro fantasy token

Vampire Brawler

monsters vampire retro brawler fantasy token

Vampire Magician

magician monsters vampire retro fantasy token

Vampire Lord

lord vampre monsters retro fantasy token


demon monsters retro fantasy token

Fireball Demon

demon fireball monsters retro fantasy token

Demon Pit Boss

demon monsters pit retro boss fantasy token


wraith monsters retro fantasy token


medusa monsters retro fantasy token


lich monsters retro fantasy token

Harpie Lady 1

lady harpie monsters 1 retro fantasy token

Harpie Lady 2

harpy lady monsters 2 retro fantasy token

Harpie Lady 3

3 harpy lady monsters retro fantasy token


half-fiend fiend monsters retro half fantasy token

Big Ogre

ogre monsters retro big fantasy token

Big Dead Ogre

ogre monsters retro big dead fantasy token

Horned Devil

horned monsters retro devil fantasy token


minotaur monsters retro fantasy token

Nameless Rank and File Soldier

file and rank nameless monsters retro soldier fantasy token


genie monsters retro fantasy token


efreet monsters retro fantasy token

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