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Storn's Fantasy Pack

Author: Storn Cook $4.99

A collection of 30 heroic fantasy personalities. Created by Storn A. Cook, an 20 year illustration veteran of the RPG publishing industry. Enjoy!

30 Items Included in Storn's Fantasy Pack

Barbarian Female_1

greatsword swordswoman blonde sword fantasy token

Druid Female_ 1

backpack explorer tribal knife fantasy token

Druid Male_1

hat magic staff plant fantasy token

Dwarf Male_1

scalemail pick gem helm fantasy token

Elven Fighter Male_1

swordsman fighter elf warrior fantasy token

Fighter Female_1

martial polearm warrior soldier armor fantasy token

Fighter Female_2

sabre general plate armor sword warrior soldier fantasy token

Fighter Female_3

priestess staff warrior soldier fantasy token

Fighter Female_4

chainmail 2 sword sabre warrior fantasy token

Fighter Female_5

breastplate guard spear shield warrior fantasy token

Fighter Male_1

duelist rapier breastplate fighter warrior fantasy token

Fighter Male_2

chainmail ranger shield sword bow warrior fantasy token

Fighter Male_3

duster overcoat hat axe warrior fantasy token

Fighter Male_4

buckler shortsword morningstar fighter warrior fantasy token

Fighter Male_5

duelist rapier mask fighter sword warrior fantasy token

Halfling Mage Male_1

backpack spell sorcerer magic fantasy token

Ranger Male_1

hunter fighter archer sword bow warrior fantasy token

Ranger Male_2

hunter fighter archer sword elf bow warrior fantasy token

Ranger female_1

fighter archer elf bow warrior fantasy token

Rogue Female_2

thief assassin crossbow elf fantasy token

Rogue Male_1

duelist rapier dagger thief crossbow warrior soldier fantasy token

Rogue female_1

barmaid shortsword dagger thief fantasy token


scepter duster rune magic mage fantasy token


mandolin lute rapier bard sword mage fantasy token


duster magic bald cleric mage fantasy token


robe magic staff mage fantasy token


priestess dagger rope magic mage fantasy token


robe priestess magic mage fantasy token


priestess cloak magic mage fantasy token

Tiefling female_1

scythe sorceress magic mage fire fantasy token

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