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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Sci-Fi Set 2

Author: Saul Wynne

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99

A second pack that's destined to take your adventure to bold new places...

88 Items Included in Sci-Fi Set 2

AI shuttle Drone 350x280

scifi shuttle drone

Cargo Landing Platform 280x420

scifi metal landing

Closed Door Down Green

scifi door green

Closed Door Green

scifi door closed

Closed Door Red

scifi door closed

Closed Red Security Door Left

door closed security

Closed Red Security Door Right

door red security

Closed Security Door Down

scifi door security

Closed Security Door up

scifi closed security

Copper Metal Tiles 140x140

tile scifi copper

Corn Crate 70x70

scifi crate storage

Crate 70x70

scifi crate storage

Crate2 70x70

scifi crate box

Doorway Edge

scifi door edge

Green Door Closed Left

scifi door closed

Green Door Closed right

scifi door sliding

Green Door Open Right

scifi door open

Green Door open Left

scifi door security

Meat Crate 70x70

scifi crate meat

Metal Grates Blue and White 210x140

scifi blue grate

Military Blue Room 420x420

scifi grate blue metal

Military Corridor Corner Bottom Left 350x350

scifi corner corridor

Military Corridor Corner Bottom Right 350x350

wall corridor cable

Military Corridor Corner Top Left 350x350

scifi metal wall

Military Corridor Corner Top Right 350x350

scifi corner corridor

Military Room Green Metal 280x350

scifi metal military green

Military Room Green Metal 350x420

military room green

Military Room Green Metal 420x420

scifi wall green

Military Room Grey Metal 420x420

tile scifi metal wall sci-fi grate syfy

Military Room Grey Metal 560x560

scifi steel metal

Military Room Large1 560x560

scifi room metal

Military Room Large2 560x840

scifi metal large room

Military Room pyramid 560x560

metal wall air vent

Military TJunction Down 420x420

scifi t-junction corridor

Military TJunction UP 420x420

scifi wall t-junction

Military Wall 1 280x70

scifi wall join

Military Wall 2 280x70

scifi wall edge

Military Wall 2 70x280

scifi edge join

Military Wall joiner Horizontal 280x210

scifi wall joiner

Military Wall joiner Vertical 210x280

tile scifi doorway

Miltary Base Map 1750x1750

map scifi cryo chamber

Open Door Down Green

scifi open automatic door

Open Door Green

scifi open automatic door

Open Door Red

scifi door open

Open Red Security Door Left

scifi open security door

Open Red Security Door Right

scifi door red

Open Security Door Down

open red security.door

Open Security Door up

scifi open red security door

Plain Crate 70x70

scifi crate box

Red Door Closed right

scifi door closed

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