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Iso Assets: Dungeons

Author: The Iso Explorer $4.99 USD
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Recreate the look and feel of classic PC RPG games with this collection of isometric computer generated dungeon assets. Every object rendered with different angles and lighting, totaling 500 objects! This is all you need to get started on building dungeons and start playing games in isometric view.

500 Items Included in Iso Assets: Dungeons

Wall Cube Curve 1x1-4-LBS-A

Wall Cube Curve 1x1-4-LBS-B

Wall Cube Curve 1x1-4-LBS-C

Wall Cube Curve 1x1-4-LBS-D

1 x 1 Floor Grid-1-OCT-A

1 x 1 Floor Grid-1-OCT-B

1 x 1 Floor Grid-1-OCT-C

1 x 1 Floor Grid-1-OCT-D

1 x 1 Floor No Grid-1-OCT-A

1 x 1 Floor No Grid-1-OCT-B

1 x 1 Floor No Grid-1-OCT-C

1 x 1 Floor No Grid-1-OCT-D

1 x 1 Grid-Yellow

Column Broad-LBS-A

Column Broad-LBS-B

Column Broad-LBS-C

Column Broad-LBS-D













Out Wall Curve-LBS-1-A

Out Wall Curve-LBS-1-B

Out Wall Curve-LBS-1-C

Out Wall Curve-LBS-1-D

Out Wall Curve-LBS-2-A

Out Wall Curve-LBS-2-B

Out Wall Curve-LBS-2-C

Out Wall Curve-LBS-2-D

Simple Chair-1-WOD-A

Simple Chair-1-WOD-B

Simple Chair-1-WOD-C

Simple Chair-1-WOD-D

Simple Chair-2-WOD-A

Simple Chair-2-WOD-B

Simple Chair-2-WOD-C

Simple Chair-2-WOD-D

Simple Chair-3-WOD-A

Simple Chair-3-WOD-B

Simple Chair-3-WOD-C

Simple Chair-3-WOD-D

Simple Chair-4-WOD-A

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+ All Access Vault Enabled
You and your players can export existing Characters from other games into this game using the Character Vault feature. Read more »