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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Weapons of Magic

Author: Norse Foundry

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $7.99

Check for magic. Don't leave that sword behind. You never know what you may come across when looting a body or village. Adventurers need to know they have the best, most powerful weapons to properly equip their character. 270 tokens in total including multiple weapon and armor variations. All have a choice of 5 different glowing colors adding yet another interesting nuance to the map. Take your Roll20 Game to the next level. Professional art from the Norse Foundry art team, any support from this will go towards making future tokens, maps and adventures and supporting our artists. We appreciate your support and don't forget to check out our dice and accessories.

270 Items Included in Weapons of Magic

GauntletsBlue Glow

weapons gauntlets blue glow

GauntletsGreen Glow

weapons gauntlets green glow

GauntletsPurple Glow

weapons gauntlets purple glow

GauntletsRed Glow

weapons gauntlets red glow

GauntletsWhite Glow

weapons gauntlets white glow

GlaiveBlue Glow

glaive weapons blue glow

GlaiveGreen Glow

glaive weapons green glow

GlaivePurple Glow

glaive weapons purple glow

GlaiveRed Glow

glaive weapons red glow

GlaiveWhite Glow

glaive weapons white glow

Gnome Hooked HammerBlue Glow

weapons blue glow gnome hooked hammer

Gnome Hooked HammerGreen Glow

weapons green glow gnome hooked hammer

Gnome Hooked HammerPurple Glow

weapons purple glow gnome hooked hammer

Gnome Hooked HammerRed Glow

weapons red glow gnome hooked hammer

Gnome Hooked HammerWhite Glow

weapons white glow gnome hooked hammer

HalberdBlue Glow

halberd weapons blue glow

HalberdGreen Glow

halberd weapons green glow

HalberdPurple Glow

halberd weapons purple glow

HalberdRed Glow

halberd weapons red glow

HalberdWhite Glow

halberd weapons white glow

HammerBlue Glow

hammer weapons blue glow

HammerGreen Glow

hammer weapons green glow

HammerPurple Glow

hammer weapons purple glow

HammerRed Glow

hammer weapons red glow

HammerWhite Glow

hammer weapons white glow

Knight shield with crestBlue Glow

weapons blue glow knight shield with crest

Knight shield with crestGreen Glow

weapons green glow knight shield with crest

Knight shield with crestPurpleGlow

weapons purple glow knight shield with crest

Knight shield with crestRed Glow

weapons red glow knight shield with crest

Knight shield with crestWhite Glow

weapons white glow knight shield with crest

Leather bootsBlue Glow

weapons blue glow leather boots

Leather bootsGreen Glow

weapons green glow leather boots

Leather bootsPurple Glow

weapons purple glow leather boots

Leather bootsRed Glow

weapons red glow leather boots

Leather bootsWhite Glow

weapons white glow leather boots

Long bowBlue Glow

weapons blue glow long bow

Long bowGreen Glow

weapons green glow long bow

Long bowPurple Glow

weapons purple glow long bow

Long bowRed Glow

weapons red glow long bow

Long bowWhite Glow

weapons white glow long bow

Long swordBlue Glow

long sword weapons blue glow

Long swordGreen Glow

long sword weapons green glow

Long swordPurple Glow

long sword weapons purple glow

Long swordRed Glow

long sword weapons red glow

Long swordWhite Glow

long sword weapons white glow

MaceBlue Glow

mace weapons blue glow

MaceGreen Glow

mace weapons green glow

MacePurple Glow

mace weapons purple glow

MaceRed Glow

mace weapons red glow

MaceWhite Glow

mace weapons white glow

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