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The Great Library [Part 1] - Battlemap

Author: Eightfold Paper $4.99

In your line of work, it isn’t unlikely to be given an undercover mission. Your employer tapped you on the shoulder and gave you the task to sniff around the suspicious library. You walk up to the front double-doors and look up in awe at the grand glass gate.

With each step down the staircase that’s cascaded with a crimson carpet, you take in the grandiose atmosphere. Countless leather-bound books packed tightly on their shelves, candelabras flickered in the dusty air, and then your eyes snap forward... a mystical flame burns brightly at the far end of the library. “That’s... peculiar,” you mutter to yourself.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary, until while perusing through dust-covered spell books and papers, you overhear a group of suspicious men whispering in the dark corners of the library. They’re covertly making way deeper into the library, as if to avoid people’s gazes.

What do you think might be at play in the library? Are there any hidden depths to uncover? Let us know how you plan on using this dust-filled map!

Grid size: 13x33
Formats: JPG (3900x9900 pixels)
Variations: Original, Midnight, Eldritch Fire, Relic Gold

4 Items Included in The Great Library [Part 1] - Battlemap


eldritch fire library wizard


midnight library wizard


library building wizard


relic gold library wizard

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