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Starships Volume 1

Author: Norse Foundry $5.99 USD

Space adventures await you. 36 Starship tokens in total including 18 intact and 18 destroyed variations. Super Carriers, destroyers, fighters, shuttles, miners, corvettes and more. Take your Roll20 Game to the next level. Professional art from the Norse Foundry art team, any support from this will go towards making future tokens, maps and adventures and supporting our artists. We appreciate your support and don't forget to check out our dice and accessories.

36 Items Included in Starships Volume 1

08 Corvette 2 (Intact)

intact corvette-2 starship

01 Destroyer (Damage)

destroyer damaged starship

01 Destroyer (Intact)

intact destroyer starship

11 Fighter 2 (Damage)

fighter-2 damaged starship

11 Fighter 2 (Intact)

fighter-2 intact starship

12 Dropship (Intact)

intact dropship starship

17 Jump Gate (Damage)

jump gate damaged starship

17 Jump Gate (Intact)

jump gate intact starship

07 Corvette (Damage)

corvette damaged starship

07 Corvette (Intact)

intact corvette starship

09 Carrier (Damage)

damaged carrier starship

09 Carrier (Intact)

intact carrier starship

12 Dropship (Damage)

dropship damaged starship

03 Cruiser (Damage)

cruiser damaged starship

03 Cruiser (Intact)

intact cruiser starship

06 Scout (Damage)

scout damaged starship

06 Scout (Intact)

intact scout starship

10 Fighter (Damage)

damaged fighter starship

10 Fighter (Intact)

intact fighter starship

14 Bomber (Damage)

bomber damaged starship

14 Bomber (Intact)

intact bomber starship

15 Shuttle (Damage)

shuttle damaged starship

15 Shuttle (Intact)

intact shuttle starship

18 Miner (Damage)

miner damaged starship

18 Miner (Intact)

intact miner starship

04 Dreadnaught (Damage)

dreadnaught damaged starship

04 Dreadnaught (Intact)

intact dreadnaught starship

05 Exploration Vehicle (Damage)

exploration vehicle damaged starship

05 Exploration Vehicle (Intact)

exploration vehicle intact starship

13 Supercarrier (Damage)

supercarrier damaged starship

13 Supercarrier (Intact)

supercarrier intact starship

16 Space Station (Damage)

space station damaged starship

16 Space Station (Intact)

intact space station starship

02 Destroyer 2 (Damage)

destroyer-2 damaged starship

02 Destroyer 2 (Intact)

destroyer-2 intact starship

08 Corvette 2 (Damage)

corvette-2 damaged starship

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