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Arcknight Tokens - The Grove Horde

Author: Arcknight

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

Arcknight Tokens - Grove Horde VTT
Grove Horde is a 31-piece expansion of unique monsters including Elves, Druids, Hunters, Wolves, Nature Spirits, Wild Animals and much more!
With 31+ pieces of the finest VTT tokens, all correctly scaled and with color adjustments to ensure the best quality for the pieces to show up well even on complex backgrounds. All pieces have high resolution to scale anywhere from 1x1 to 3x3 and beyond.
Includes Full-Box Alternate versions of most 2x2 and larger pieces if they were scaled down in their original version.

i One or more items in this set are licensed only for use in Roll20 and cannot be downloaded for use in other software.

40 Items Included in Arcknight Tokens - The Grove Horde

6710 DireBear

giant beast ursa

6710A DireBearALT

creature large feral

6730 BearGrizzly

grizzly fuzzy ursine

6730A BearGrizzlyALT

fur angry fluffy

10151 Centaur2F

horse halberd taur

10151A Centaur2FALT

weapon axe fight

10152 Centaur3F

hair lancer mane

10152A Centaur3FALT

hybrid upset hissing

10153 Centaur4

warrior equine taur

10153A Centaur4ALT

buff tall galloping

10154 Centaur5

weapon armed hoof

10154A Centaur5ALT

hooves monstrosity muscular

20054 Druid5

staff cloak hooded

20055 Druid6

antlers sickle powerful

20056 Druid7F

grass druid woods

21001 EarthElemental2

nature rock stone

21420 ElfCavalry1

lance mounted cavalry

21420A ElfCavalry1ALT

elven rider

21461 ElfHero2

eladrin armored hero

21480 ElfKnight

knight blonde shielded

21490 ElfLongbowman

longbow archer masked

21505 ElfNoble6

royalty princess crown

21506 ElfNoble7

elite royal prince

21522 ElfRanger3F

bow woman range

21523 ElfRanger4F

arrow quill braid

21524 ElfRanger5F

ranger cloaked scout

21550 ElfSpearman1

hunter armour elves

21551 ElfSpearman2F

spear assassin battle

21552 ElfSpearman3

helmet trapper prodding

21553 ElfSpearman4

green weapons bladed

63801 Treant2

wood leaves cedar

63801A Treant2ALT

giant monster tree

68854 Wolf5

dog wolf lupine

68855 Wolf6

animal canine furry

68856 Wolf7

pack wolves canines

68857 Wolf8

pack animals canid

68858 Wolf9

ears snout muzzle

68859 Wolf10

furs brown paws

68900 DireWolf

violent growling aggressive

68900A DireWolfALT

large big growl

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