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Matther's Human Character Pack 1

Author: Matther $4.99 USD

Human character tokens for Monk, Cleric, Wizard & Fighter, including male & female variants for each.
Includes 40 total character tokens & 5 custom rings for general use.
Each Gender/Class Combination has 5 color palettes offering different hair, eye, skin, and clothing coloration.

45 Items Included in Matther's Human Character Pack 1

cleric light

cute blonde cleric

cleric festive

festive red cleric

cleric moon

purple moon cleric

cleric sun

cute tan cleric

cleric earth

dark skin cute cleric

cleric light 2

blonde cleric priest

cleric festive 2

christmas festive cleric

cleric moon 2

pale moon cleric

cleric sun 2

cute sun cleric

cleric earth 2

dark skintone earth cleric


fighter knight armor

fighter fancy

fancy green fighter

fighter royal

royal blonde fighter

fighter tan

tan skin brown hair fighter

fighter darker tone

dark skin heavy armor fighter

fighter 2

brown hair fighter knight

fighter fancy 2

green hair fancy fighter

fighter royal 2

prince blonde fighter

fighter tan 2

tan skin tone fighter warrior

fighter darker tone 2

dark skin tone fighter knight


cute martial artist monk

monk orange

martial arts orange monk

monk blue

karate blue monk

monk yellow

hair bun yellow monk

monk blonde

cute blonde monk

monk 2

gi martial artist monk

monk orange 2

karate orange monk

monk blue 2

blue outfit happy monk

monk yellow 2

dark skin tone yellow monk

monk blonde 2

golden hair golden monk

ring classic

token ring token border ring token border

ring green

border ring festive ring

ring red

token ring border red

ring blue

ring token border ring border blue

ring yellow

token ring border yellow


green eyes red hair witch

Witch glow

witch hat green hair witch

Witch purple

purple hair red eyes witch

Witch red

star witch red

Witch green

dark skin green witch


green eyes red hair wizard

wizard glow

green hair wizard hat wizard

wizard purple

purple hair red eyes wizard

wizard red

red hat tan skin wizard

wizard green

dark tone green hat wizard

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