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Warehouse Construction Kit

Author: Sunset Industries $6.99 USD

Have you ever wanted to visit modern logistical horrors on your players? To create vast mazes of lost packages, barrels of toxic waste, forgotten movie props and senselessly placed barriers?

Who hasn't, really?!

This kit includes transparent pngs of vehicles, boxes and crates, barriers, floor markings, parking curbs, stairs, piles of boxes and more - all you have to do and put it together!

I want to thank everyone that buys my packs and supports cyberpunk content in general. I really appreciate the heck out of you guys, and as long as you keep buying 'em I'll keep making it!

197 Items Included in Warehouse Construction Kit

Animals Dinosaur Under Tarp 4x15

dino raptor dinosaur

Animals Warehouse Cat 1x1

animals cat pet

Barriers 01 Red Heavy Barricade Dirty 5x1

barricade barrier fence

Barriers 01 Red Heavy Barrier 5x1

barricade barrier fence

Barriers 02 Yellow Heavy Barricade Dirty 6x2

blockade railing bar

Barriers 02 Yellow Heavy Blockade 6x2

roadblock blockade barrier

Barriers 03 Simple Fence 2 6x2

pen fence metal

Barriers 03 Simple Fence 6x2

obstacle fence bar

Barriers 03 Simple Fence Dirty 2 6x2

barricade barrier fence

Barriers 03 Simple Fence Dirty 6x2

rampart barrier fortification

Barriers 04 Prefab Pen 7x7

pin trench pen

Barriers 04 Prefab Pen Dirty 7x7

zone cage pen

Barriers 05 Prefab Pen 2 7x7

enclosure coop jail

Barriers 05 Prefab Pen Dirty 7x7

corral cage fence

Barriers 06 Light Barricade 6x2

roadblock blockade obstruction

Barriers 06 Light Barricade Dirty 6x2

boundary barricade railing

Ground Markings 01 Rack Outline 2x5

traffic stencil marker

Ground Markings 02 Rack Outline 2x7

striping parkinglot space

Ground Markings 03 Rack Outline 3x10

striping paint lot yellow

Ground Markings 04 Rack Outline 9x2

parking space parking line parking lot

Ground Markings 05 Rack Outline 13x3

outline yellow hazard

Ground Markings 06 Rack Outline 16x3

stencil parking lot paint

Ground Striping 01 Small No Parking Stencil 7x1

no parking lines hazard

Ground Striping 02 Small Keep Clear Stencil 7x1

warning caution hazard

Ground Striping 03 Large Loading Zone Lot Stencil 22x3

lines zone loading

Ground Striping 03 Large No Parking Lot Stencil 22x3

no parking parking space

Ground Striping 04 Small Loading Zone Stencil 7x1

loading zone zone marker

Ground Striping 06 Medium Hazard Stripes 14x2

stripes parking lot hazard

Ground Striping 07 Small Parking Lot Hazard Stripes 7x1

hazard stripes no parking parking lot

Ground Striping 08 Large Yellow Hazard Stripe 22x3

stripe yellow hazard

Ground Striping 05 Large Keep Clear Hazard Stripes 22x3

stripe parking lot hazard

Map Storeroom 15x15

storeroom warehouse storage

Map Large Warehouse 30x30

parking lot warehouse parking

Map Loading Bays and Storage 30x30

parking lot warehouse parking

Map Loading Bays Only 30x30

parking lot warehouse storage

Map Stairs 4x9

stairway staircase stairs

Pallet 05 Mixed Double Stack Boxes 5x5

pallet stack boxes

Pallet 08 Single Layer Boxes 3x3

pallet stack boxes

Pallet 10 Plastic Wrapped Pallet 4x4

pallet stack box

Pallet 11 Plastic Wrapped Box Pallet 4x4

wrapped pallet boxes

Pallet 12 Mixed Box Double Layer Pile 5x3

pallet boxes pile

Pallet 13 Mixed Box Single Layer Stack 5x2

stack pallette boxes

Pallet 14 White Plain Boxes Pyramid Stack 5x5

cardboard stack boxes

Pallet 15 Dirty Box Pallet 4x4

ruined dirty box

Pallet 16 Box Pallet 4x4

stockpile cache boxes

Parking Stops and Curbs 01 Long Yellow Plain Bumper 10x1

parking stop curb barrier

Parking Stops and Curbs 02 Short Striped Red Curb 3x1

parking stop curb barrier

Parking Stops and Curbs 03 Short Striped Yellow Curb 3x1

bump curb parking

Parking Stops and Curbs 04 Worn Striped Yellow Bumper 3x1

speedbump curb parking

Parking Stops and Curbs 05 Short Striped Red Curb 3x1

curb stop parking

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