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Portal Packs - Monstrous Miniatures - Pulp Villains

Author: Mythic Portal Games $4.99

Mythic Portal Games is proud to present Pulp Villains. The fifth entry in our series of top-down tokens. We're taking a little departure from our fantasy roots and diving into the pages of pulp fiction. Pulp Villains contains 24 tokens for various villains and thugs you might find in a pulp fiction publication. Fill your heroic world with just a little bit villainy today. Each token handcrafted by our in house artist Jay Piscopo.

As always this pack is fully compatible with our Token Essentials, Building Essentials, Mighty Miniatures, and One Minute Maps products.

24 Items Included in Portal Packs - Monstrous Miniatures - Pulp Villains

Switchblade Thug

thug villain token

The Dragoness

yakuza villain token

The Duchess

royalty villain token

Tiger Woman

villain wild token

Vampire Queen

villain vampire token

Weathervane Witch

villain witch token

Whip Thug

thug villain token

Baron Lynx

wildman villain token

Bat Thug

thug villain token


scrapper villain token

Bombshell Bob

armored villain token

Crazy Eyes

villain madness token

Dr. Squid

monstrosity villain token


mastermind villain token


villain assassin token

Hoodie Thug

thug villain token

Ice King

hero villain token

Katana Thug

thug villain token

Mob Boss

mob villain token

Purple Prowler

hero villain token

Red Jester

jester villain token


tempest villain token


tempest villain token


tempest villain token

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