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Templates and Assets for every 5E Spell

Author: Eugene's Workshop $6.99

Remember that time when one of the players used a spell that creates a persistent magical effect, and all you could do is some scribbles in its spot?
Maybe you are streaming your adventures, but it is hard for viewers to grasp what is going on without an accurate visual representation?
While casting fireball, do you imagine a plain circle or a searing globe of roaring flame!?
We’ve got you covered! Forget about drawing mundane circles and arguing whether this 5ft line hits a guy or not! You will never again be confused about the purpose of a weird triangle you’ve drawn 7 turns ago!

A small tip on how to use: All assets have their width x height in 5ft cells in their names. You can adjust their size in accordance with those and be sure that the proportions of a spell area will be accurate. Although it is better to adjust their size on a square grid, spells retain proper proportions when transferred to hex grid too.
You can also attach the necessary spells of the right size to empty character sheets as default token and give them to the appropriate players. This way they can always drag them onto a map without any additional preparation.

97 vibrant, expressive area templates + 24 objects of magic origin for every spell from the 5th edition.
All are set in alphabetical order for ease of search.

121 Items Included in Templates and Assets for every 5E Spell

Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting 8x8

abi-dalzim's horrid wilting necromancy square

Acid Stream 3x8

acid stream line acid

Aganazzar's Scorcher 3x8

aganazzar's scorcher line flame

Alarm 6x6

ward alarm cube

Antimagic Field 5x5

antimagic field sphere arcane

Arcane Eye 1x1

arcane eye divination object

Bigby's Hand 2x2

bigby's hand fist object

Blade Barrier Segment 1x1

slashing blade barrier wall

Bones of the Earth 1x1

bones of the earth pillar stone

Burning Hands 5x5

burning hands cone fire

Call Lightning 26x26

call lightning cloud storm

Calm Emotions 4x4

calm emotions enchantment sphere

Circle of Death 26x26

circle of death sphere necrotic

Cloud of Daggers 1x1

slashing cloud of daggers conjuration

Cloudkill 10x10

sphere cloudkill gas

Color Spray 5x5

color spray cone blind

Cone of Cold 13x14

cone of cold cone ice

Confusion 6x6

daze sphere confusion

Conjure Barrage 13x14

conjure barrage ammunition cone

Conjure Volley 18x18

conjure volley cylinder ranger

Cordon of Arrows 14x14

cordon of arrows transmutation ammunition

Create Bonfire 3x3

create bonfire cantrip fire

Dancing Lights 5x5

dancing lights evocation cantrip

Dark Star 18x18

dark star sphere black hole

Darkness 8x8

sphere darkness blind

Dawn 14x14

cylinder dawn sun

Delayed Blast Fireball 9x9

delayed blast fireball sphere fire

Dragon's Breath Acid 5x5

dragon's breath cone acid

Dragon's Breath Cold 5x5

dragon's breath cone cold

Dragon's Breath Fire 5x5

dragon's breath cone fire

Dragon's Breath Lightning 5x5

dragon's breath cone lightning

Dragon's Breath Poison 5x5

dragon's breath cone poison

Dust Devil 5x5

obscure conjuration dust devil

Earth Tremor 5x5

earth tremor circle ground

Entangle 4x4

difficult terrain entangle square

Erupting Earth 4x4

erupting earth cube ground

Evard's Black Tentacles 4x4

evard's black tentacles square wizard

Faerie Fire 4x4

faerie fire outline cube

Fear 7x8

frighten cone fear

Fire Storm 4x4

fire storm cube burning

Fireball 10x10

sphere fireball fire

Flame Strike 6x6

flame strike divine column

Flaming Sphere 5x5

ignite ram flaming sphere

Fog Cloud 8x8

obscure fog cloud sphere

Forcecage 6x6

forcecage cube prison

Globe of Invulnerability 7x7

globe of invulnerability sphere barrier

Glyph of Warding 1x1

glyph of warding abjuration rune

Grasping Vine 1x2

grasping vine conjuration pull

Gravity Fissure 7x22

gravity fissure graviturgy line

Gravity Sinkhole 10x10

gravity sinkhole suck sphere

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