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Fantastical Faceplates

Author: Robin Fertner $4.99

Stylish avatars for fantasy game play.

24 Items Included in Fantastical Faceplates

Helmed Barbarian Fighter

helm exclusive fighter female warrior fantasy token

War-Ready Elf

pog feather war elven portrait faceplate exclusive fantasy token

Praying Monk

spirtual beads prayer glowing exclusive monk cleric fantasy token

Confident Conquerer

mercenary horns furs barbarian exclusive fighter warrior fantasy token

Bearded Barbarian

pog portrait faceplate scar exclusive fighter dwarf warrior fantasy token

Red-Headed Monk

fertner robin hair red freckles exclusive monk fantasy token

Shadowy Druid

antlers druid exclusive caster fantasy nature token

Elvish Paladin

elven exclusive caster female shield fantasy token

Freckled Cleric

avatar blonde freckles pog faceplate exclusive warrior fantasy token

Wild-Eyed Druid

elvish natural woods antlers exclusive fantasy token

Focused Shaman

beautiful faceplate exclusive caster fantasy token

Smiling Shaman

mysterious avatar faceplate exclusive caster fantasy token

Vengeful Hunter

arrow portrait exclusive bow fantasy token

Camouflaged Huntress

stalker feathers exclusive ranger fantasy token

Cloaked Ranger

mystery cloak faceplate exclusive female fantasy token

Confident Ranger

quiver young huntress hunter exclusive fantasy token

Alert Assassin

darkness exclusive rogue ninja fantasy token

Red-Scarfed Rogue

scoundrel elvish thief exclusive fantasy token

Hooded Scoundrel

cloaked cloak thief assassin exclusive rogue fantasy token

Sinister Stalker

theif darkness avatar pog faceplate exclusive rogue fantasy token

Flame Wielder

spellcaster sorcerer exclusive caster wizard fire fantasy token

Gemmed Sorceress

witch spellcaster avatar faceplate exclusive fantasy token

Fate Enchantress

enchanter pog faceplate exclusive caster fantasy token

Conjuring Wizard

bearded globe spellcaster elderly exclusive fantasy token

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