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Ddraig Goch's Magic Templates

Author: Kiel Thompson $5.99

This product depicts 263 uniquely designed 3D rendered tokens to be used in your role-playing games. Many of these items have multiple colours to represent many different spell effects and magic in your world. From fantasy to sci-fi, there is endless possibilities to use these colourful templates.

This pack includes the following.
Templates include:

Included in this pack are the two wizards from the promotion picture. Each of them in combat stance and casual:

263 Items Included in Ddraig Goch's Magic Templates

Aura Circle 1

aura life of

Aura Circle 2

vitality aura of

Aura Halo

ward blade holy

Aura Circle 3

friends blur

Aura Circle 4


Breath 1

lure lightning

Breath 2

chaos bolt

Breath 3

bolt lightning

Breath 4

eldritch blast

Burning 1

sphere flaming flame

Burning 2

cloud cone cold

Burning 3

spray cloud poison

Burning 4

rebuke hellish

Burning 5

harm strike flame

Comet 1

meteor strike flame

Comet 2

guiding wisp bolt

Comet 3

meteor swarm

Comet 4

phantasmal force

Comet 5

phantasmal poison killer

Comet 6


Comet 7

scorching produce flame

Comet 8

scorching ray

Defense Shield Round 1

prismatic barrier blue

Defense Shield Round 2

protective dome green

Defense Shield Round 3


Defense Shield Round 4

white transparent

Defense Shield Triangle 1


Defense Shield Triangle 2


Defense Shield Triangle 3

pink purple

Defense Shield Triangle 4

pink red

Defense Shield Triangle 5

orange grey

Defense Shield Round 1

view side yellow

Defense Shield Round 2

view side red

Defense Shield Round 3

side blue

Defense Shield Round 4

aqua teal

Defense Shield Round 5


Dome 1

sphere orange

Dome 2

sphere purple

Dome 3


Dome 4

aqua teal

Dome 5

holy yellow

Dome 6

leomund's hut tiny

Explosive Breath 1

ice blue dragon

Explosive Breath 2

poison green

Explosive Breath 3

orange fire

Explosive Breath 4

purple magic

Explosive Breath 5

red fire

Explosive Orb 1


Explosive Orb 2


Explosive Orb 3


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