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Characters of Karthun

Author: Evil Hat Productions $7.99
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Explore the many faces of Karthun with this sizable token pack filled with a variety of characters in bordered and figure formats for use with your fantasy game setting of choice!

107 Items Included in Characters of Karthun

Altha Firehearth

Arbiter of Truth C

Arbiter of Truth

Azryn Tam C

Azryn Tam

Barbarian C


Bard C


Bellmaster Drugo Vestrain C

Bellmaster Drugo Vestrain

Black Talon Agent C

Black Talon Agent

Brand of Convergence C

Brand of Convergence

Calvis Dwellow

Captain C


Cleric C


Deena Solk C

Deena Solk

Dela White C

Dela White

Druid C


Dwarf C

Dwarf or Giant



Elf, Bear Clan C

Elf, Bear Clan

Elf, Jackal Clan C

Elf, Jackal Clan

Elf, Wolf Clan C

Elf, Wolf Clan

Feldtha C


Fighter C


Firebrand Merc C

Firebrand Merc

Gnome C


Gorida Jemsen C

Gorida Jemsen

Grand Evoker Gren Arcwell II

Hevel the Damned C

Hevel the Damned

Human C

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