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CC Token Frames: Shops and Trades

Author: Cryptocartographer $4.99 USD

These token frames are designed to easily convert a character portrait into a shopkeeper, tradesperson, or medieval business owner. Using image editing software or a dedicated app like TokenTool, you can insert your art into these shop windows to create a customized NPC token.

• Arcanist
• Armorer
• Baker
• Blacksmith
• Butcher
• Carpenter
• Curio Shop
• Fishmonger
• Fletcher
• Grocer
• Herbalist
• Jeweler
• Moneylender/Bank
• Picture Frames
• Potioner/Alchemist
• Prison Bars
• Psychic
• Scribe
• Tailor
• Tarot Reader or Gambler
• Tavern
• Weapons Shop
• Generic Shop Window

…and more.

All tokens are custom-made 420px x 420px PNGs with transparency.

See our other token frames and markers here:

35 Items Included in CC Token Frames: Shops and Trades

Arrow Fletcher

shop arrow token

Bottle Liquor Potion Wine Perfume

frame bottle token

Bottles Potion Perfume

bottles shop token

Bread Baker Pie

baker shop token

Butcher Meat Food

shop meat token

Candles Sage Seance Mystery

shop candle token

Carpenter Wood Craftsman

carpenter shop token

Crystal Ball Mystic Reading Psychic

shop psychic token

Curios Antiques Magic

curio shop token

Empty Window

shop window token

Food Grocer Fruit Vegetable

grocer shop token

Gold Money Treasure Exchange

bank gold token

Hammer Forge Blacksmith

forge blacksmith token

Helmet Armor

helmet armor token

Herbs Heal Medicine

herb shop token

Jewelry Gems Gold Treasure

jewelry shop token

Pawnbroker Fence

pawn shop token

Scroll Scribe Library Clerk

clerk library token

Skull Arcana Mystic Necromancy

shop skull token

Sword Weapons Armory

sword weapon token

Tarot Cards Gamble

tarot gamble token

Thread Tailor Sewing Clothing

tailor shop token

Barrel Keg Tun

frame barrel token

Leather Stitch

frame leather token

Prison Cell Jail Bars

jail cell token

Frame Circle Ornate Gilded copy

frame token

Frame Circle Ornate Gold copy

frame token

Frame Circle Ornate Silver copy

frame token

Frame Square Ornate Gilded

frame token

Frame Square Ornate Gold

frame token

Frame Square Ornate Silver

frame token

Fishmonger Food

shop fish token

Bell Hotel Inn

bell hotel token

Teeth Monster Shark

shop teeth token

Tankard Ale Tavern Inn Pub

bar tavern token

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