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Z-Day 1 - Zombies and Humans

Author: Joel Marcantel $4.99

The dead walk once again in this Roll20 Exclusive token pack featuring the humorous artwork of Joel Marcantel.


24 Items Included in Z-Day 1 - Zombies and Humans

Biohazard Suit

apocalypse radioactive biohazard exclusive human horror token modern

Man and Seeing Eye Dog

dog blind apocalypse exclusive human horror token modern

Chainsaw Punk

bloody badass punk exclusive chainsaw female horror token

Crowbar Female

woman crowbar apocalypse exclusive horror token modern

Dual Wielding Woman

pistol pan exclusive gun female horror token modern

Business Woman

briefcase business apocalypse exclusive female horror token


flashlight office business apocalypse exclusive horror token modern

Armed Policeman

policeman exclusive police gun token modern

Punk Brawler

gang brawler punk apocalypse exclusive fighter female horror token

Running Woman

jogging running woman bloody exclusive horror token

Shotgun Harry

hawaiian shotgun exclusive horror token modern

Shovel Male

graveyard sandals shovel exclusive horror token

Brainy Zombie

glowing kittens brains exclusive undead horror token

Cleaver Undead

cleaver bloody exclusive female zombie horror token

Grandma Zombie

nightie grandma exclusive dead horror token

Grandpa Zombie

grandparents grandpa exclusive undead zombie horror token

Great-Grandma Zombie

elderly naked cane respirator exclusive horror token

Atomic Zombie

atomic heads radioactive exclusive monster zombie scifi token

Gun Tongue

ridiculous exclusive gun undead boss scifi token

Organ Grinder

ribs insides organs gross exclusive horror token

Fungal Zombie

corpse rotting mushrooms fungus exclusive undead zombie horror token

Jumbo Damp Zombie

jumbo sumo towel damp moist exclusive undead zombie horror token

Half Man

innards guts entrails gross bloody exclusive undead zombie horror token

Flensed Family

skinless flayed skinned baby naked exclusive horror token

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