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Constructs, Golems and Animatrons

Author: Eugene's Workshop $4.99

Do your players feel some monotony in life? Are they tired of digging through slime and guts of all those fleshy monsters?
How about sending your adventurers to the lawful world of Mechanus and it's adorable Modrons?
Maybe remember the good old times with classic constructs like Hellfire Engine or Steel Predator with refreshed looks...
...or get a new experience with some guests from Wildemount like Gearkeeper Construct and Magehunter golem!
Anyways, who needs old boring dragons when you can have a clockwork one?
All the quirky clanking metallic creatures for your adventuring needs are here!
25 unique tokens of mechanical servants and lifeforms from all over the multiverse.

25 Items Included in Constructs, Golems and Animatrons


modron monodrone winged


mechanus duodrone modron


tridrone modron spearman


quadrone modron archer


modron pentadrone starfish

Marut The Inevitable

inevitable marut planar

Iron Spider

iron spider mechanical steampunk

Oaken Bolter

oaken bolter siege ballista

Hellfire Engine

hellfire siege engine

Cadaver Collector

grave golem cadaver collector war machine

Shield Guardian

construct guardian shield

Stone Juggernaut

juggernaut crusher stone

Animated Armor

animatron animated armor living armor

Helmed Horror

helmed horror animated servant

Gearkeeper Construct

wildemount gearkeeper construct

Magehunter Golem

magehunter golem arcane

Clockwork Dragon

metallic clockwork dragon

Bronze Scout

bronze scout invention clockwork


retriever demon spider


nimblewright humanoid assassin

Stone Defender

automaton defender stone


trobriand metal mage

Steel Predator

predator machine steel

Iron Defender

iron defender homunculus dog


scaladar electric scorpion

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