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Roll20 Marketplace Product

The Armoury Asset Pack

Author: Tom Cartos

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

The Armoury Asset Pack contains 409 unique assets to fully kit out your barracks, forts, garrisons & castles. Prepare for War, plan for Peace.

Assets Include:
- Swords & Daggers
- Shields & Armour
- Helmets & Bracers
- Polearms & Warhammers
- Guns & Bows
- Clubs & Axes
- Cannons and Artillery
- Banners & Flags
- Torture Devices
- Warrior Tokens
and more!

Look out for my map bundles that include unfurnished versions of each location for you to customise, along with additional asset packs to further add to your designs.

Want to use this art pack in your own published Roll20 module? The Creator of this Art Pack is open to discussing Commercial Licensing for an additional licensing fee. Please use the contact information found in their Creator Profile to inquire.

409 Items Included in The Armoury Asset Pack

TC_Archers Target 01_1x1

barracks target archery

TC_Archers Target 02_1x1

archer target archery

TC_Archers Target 03_1x1

archers target archery

TC_Archers Target 04_1x1

arrows target archery

TC_Armour Breastplate

armor breastplate armour

TC_Armour Chainmail

armor chainmail armour

TC_Armour Heavy

armor armour heavy plate

TC_Armour Leather

armor leather armour

TC_Armour Stand Breastplate

breastplate armour stand

TC_Armour Stand Chainmail

armor chainmail stand

TC_Armour Stand Leather 02

leather armour stand

TC_Armour Stand Leather

armor leather stand

TC_Armour Stand

armor armour stand

TC_Armoury Shelves 01_2x1

weapon shelves shop

TC_Armoury Shelves 02_3x1

weapon display store

TC_Armoury Shelves 03_2x1

armory barracks garrison

TC_Armoury Shelves 04_2x2

fort armoury armour

TC_Arrow Crate 01_1x1

archer crate arrow

TC_Arrow Crate 02_1x1

archer crate arrow

TC_Arrow Quiver 01

archer quiver arrows

TC_Arrow Quiver 02

quiver leather arrows

TC_Arrows Bundle 01

arrow arrows bundle

TC_Arrows Bundle 02

arrow bundle fletcher

TC_Arrows Loose

archer arrow arrows

TC_Artillery Ballista_2x2

artillery ballista siege

TC_Artillery Cannon Chock

artillery cannon chock

TC_Artillery Cannon Mallet

artillery cannon mallet

TC_Artillery Cannon Ramrod

artillery cannon ramrod

TC_Artillery Cannon Scoop

artillery equipment cannon

TC_Artillery Cannon_2x1

artillery siege cannon

TC_Artillery Cannonball Pile 01_1x1

pile cannon cannonball

TC_Artillery Cannonball Pile 02_1x1

pile cannon cannon ball

TC_Artillery Cannonball Pile 03_1x1

cannon ammunition cannon ball

TC_Artillery Cannonball Pile 04_1x1

artillery cannon ball

TC_Artillery Cannonball

artillery ammunition cannon ball

TC_Artillery Catapult_3x2

artillery catapult siege engine

TC_Artillery Gunpowder

cannon gunpowder bucket

TC_Artillery Harpoon Bundle 01

spear bundle harpoon

TC_Artillery Harpoon Bundle 02

bundle harpoon javellins

TC_Artillery Harpoon Bundle 03

pile bundle harpoon

TC_Artillery Harpoon Launcher_1x2

artillery harpoon launcher

TC_Artillery Harpoon

spear harpoon javellin

TC_Artillery Mortar_1x1

artillery cannon mortar

TC_Banner Blue_1x1

banner blue flag

TC_Banner Gold_1x1

banner gold flag

TC_Banner Red_1x1

banner red flag

TC_Battleaxe Frost Giant

giant frost battleaxe

TC_Battleaxe Side

axe battleaxe side view

TC_Battleaxe Top 02

axe battleaxe top view

TC_Battleaxe Top

axe battleaxe top view

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