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Kendiigi Islands Campaign Map

Author: Misjay Maps $4.99

The Archipelago of the Kendiigi Bridge Islands
... Or whatever else you want to call it :-)

I nice big [53x25] map with a bunch of location markers to go with it. Perfect for an ocean based campaign with lots of port-hopping
Also an old, worn, dirty, ripped up, sketch version to use as a player hand out
The location markers for the main map are in 3 different colours, so that you can represent up to 3 different nations on the map if you want to. Some are more specific and pictorial, others are more abstract, so that they can be adapted for anything I might not have thought of - which is probably quite a bit!

The included files are:
* Colour map x 2 (titled with settlements & roads already marked & unlabeled without the settlements or roads marked)
* Sepia map x 2 (titled with settlements & roads already marked & unlabeled without the settlements or roads marked)
* Blank title plate to add your own title text to (colour and sepia versions)
* Sketchy 'hand out' maps (whole map, 'ripped' in half & 'ripped' into quarters)
* 50+ token-style location markers in red, black and purple, including blank ones in case you want to add your own art onto them
* 7 'sketchy' location markers for the 'hand out' maps

I hope you have many happy hours adventuring among these islands ...
I would love to hear about it ...... My Twitter & Instagram handles are @misjaymaps
if you fancy telling me about it or giving me some feedback, drop by sometime and let me know :-)

176 Items Included in Kendiigi Islands Campaign Map

MJ_Kendiigi Islands_53x25

campaign map archipelago island map

MJ_Kendiigi Islands_Clean_53x25

campaign world islands

MJ_Title Plate_25x4

title plate title bar title

MJ_Title Plate_Sepia_25x4

title plate title bar blank

MJ_Kendiigi Islands_Handout_Full_26x13

campaign map handout map

MJ_Kendiigi Islands_Handout_Half A_15x13

campaign handout map

MJ_Kendiigi Islands_Handout_Half B_12x13

campaign handout world

MJ_Kendiigi Islands_Handout_Quarter NE_12x7

world map campaign handout

MJ_Kendiigi Islands_Handout_Quarter NW_14x7

old map handout map campaign map

MJ_Kendiigi Islands_Handout_Quarter SE_12x7

rough map handout map campaign map

MJ_Kendiigi Islands_Handout_Quarter SW_14x7

mud map handout map campaign map

MJ_Location Icon_1_1x1

marker cross token

MJ_Location Icon_2_1x1

marker circle token

MJ_Location Icon_3_1x1

marker ship token

MJ_Location Icon_4_1x1

location flag token

MJ_Location Icon_5_1x1

battle war token

MJ_Location Icon_6_1x1

surprise marker token

MJ_Location Icon_7_1x1

question unknown token

MJ_Location Icon_8_1x1

blank marker token

MJ_Location Icon_9_1x1

blank marker token

MJ_Location Icon_10_1x1

blank marker token

MJ_Location Icon_11_1x1

town city token

MJ_Location Icon_12_1x1

settelment city token

MJ_Location Icon_13_1x1

location city token

MJ_Location Icon_14_1x1

marker triangle token

MJ_Location Icon_15_1x1

marker triangle token

MJ_Location Icon_16_1x1

marker triangle token

MJ_Location Icon_17_1x1

location cross token

MJ_Location Icon_18_1x1

marker building token

MJ_Location Icon_19_1x1

marker church token

MJ_Location Icon_20_1x1

wheel web token

MJ_Location Icon_21_1x1

location cog token

MJ_Location Icon_22_1x1

marker wheel token

MJ_Location Icon_23_1x1

location marker token

MJ_Location Icon_24_1x1

location marker token

MJ_Location Icon_25_1x1

location marker token

MJ_Location Icon_26_1x1

location marker token

MJ_Location Icon_27_1x1

location marker token

MJ_Location Icon_28_1x1

location marker token

MJ_Location Icon_29_1x1

icon marker token

MJ_Location Icon_30_1x1

marker fey token

MJ_Location Icon_31_1x1

location circle token

MJ_Location Icon_32_1x1

wirlpool portal token

MJ_Location Icon_33_1x1

tornado magic token

MJ_Location Icon_34_1x1

tokin swirl token

MJ_Location Icon_35_1x1

tokin place token

MJ_Location Icon_36_1x1

tokin marker token

MJ_Location Icon_37_1x1

location building token

MJ_Location Icon_38_1x1

bastilion outpost token

MJ_Location Icon_39_1x1

castle tower token

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