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Swordguys! Subterranean Swashbuckling

Author: Samuel Schultz $4.99

Yo! Do you love the hit comic Swordguys!? Now you can live out your wildest fantasies with characters from and inspired by Swordguys!

This set of tokens depicts the various creatures living deep under the land of Lussol. Thrill to giant ants and spiders! Fight alongside brave dwarves and tricky gnomes! Also a skeleton is in there somewhere! The possibilities are endless, as long as they generally involve underground type things.

For more information on Swordguys!, check out

25 Items Included in Swordguys! Subterranean Swashbuckling


nature animal monster ant bug insect token token fantasy

Bat Person

vampire animal monster bat token token fantasy

Bat Swarm

cave nature animal vampire swarm monster animals bat token fantasy

Big Kobold

strong large token big monster kobold token fantasy

Cave Goblin

token gremlin monster goblin cave token fantasy

Dark Elf Halberd

ax halberd drow warrior token dark elf elf token fantasy

Dark Elf Swordsman

evil elf warrior token katana drow dark elf token fantasy

Dark Elf Wizard

token drow skull magic wizard dark elf elf token fantasy

Duergar Smith

smith hammer token duergar dwarf blacksmith token fantasy

Dwarf Miner

shield beard token hammer cave miner dwarf token fantasy

Dwarf Warrior

warrior cave token sword dwarf token fantasy

Gnome Archer

bow archer gnome token token fantasy

Gnome Wizard

magic token wand gnome wizard token fantasy

Kobold Commander

monster token cape warrior whip kobold token fantasy

Kobold Spearman

token spear monster kobold token fantasy

Kobold Swordsman

cave token monster kobold token fantasy

Lizard Man

lizard swords monster token lizard man token fantasy

Minotaur Axman

greek mythology mythology ax shield token monster minotaur token fantasy


greek mythology mythology sword token monster minotaur token fantasy


claws nature cave mole animal token fantasy

Mushroom Boy

token nature monster mushroom cave fungus token fantasy

Mushroom Man

nature token monster cave fungus mushroom token fantasy


skeleton sword token monster undead token fantasy


jelly green cave monster slime token fantasy


animal nature bug monster spider token fantasy

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