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Homes And Habitats Volume 3

Author: Kaitelyn Toft $5.99

Deep mines and treacherous caverns await your players for what's to come in Habitats and Homes Volume 3! Will players make it out alive with fist full of gold? You'll have to wait and see.

3 pre-made maps come included along with pieces to make your own maps.

Need tokens for your world? I have some free ones available here!

112 Items Included in Homes And Habitats Volume 3

Grey Stone-Platform-Center

cave floor stone floor canyon

Grey Stone-Platform-Center-Left

cave floor stone floor canyon

Grey Stone-Platform-Center-Right

cave floor bore canyon

Grey Stone-Platform-Top-Center

grey stone floor stone floor stone

Grey Stone-Platform-Top-Left

grey stone grey stone floor stone floor

Grey Stone-Platform-Top-Right

grey ground stone grey cavern floor grey cave floor

Grey Stone-Platform-Turn-Bottom-Left

stone cavern floor grey stone floor cave floor

Grey Stone-Platform-Turn-Bottom-Right

stone cave floor cave floor cave

Grey Stone-Platform-Turn-Top-Left

grey stone floor stone floor stone

Grey Stone-Platform-Turn-Top-Right

grey cave grey stones grey stone

Grey Stone-Wall-Top-Left

cave wall cavern wall stone wall

Grey Stone-Wall-Top-Center

cavernwall cavewall stonewall

Grey Stone-Wall-Top-Right

grey cavern wall grey stonewall grey stone wall

Grey Stone-Wall-Center-Left

grey rockwall grey cavernwall grey stonewall

Grey Stone-Wall-Center

boring everything is grey grey stone cavernwall

Grey Stone-Wall-Center-Right

rocks everywhere cave of no return no escape

Grey Stone-Platform-Splotch

grey rock floor grey stone splotch grey splotch

Grey-Cave Path-Splotch

cave pathway stone cave path cave path

Grey-Cave Path

cavern path cave patheay cave path

Grey Stone-Ore-Copper

copper ore ore copper

Grey Stone-Ore-Crystal

geode crystal wall crystal

Grey Stone-Ore-Gold

gold ore ore gold

Grey Stone-Ore-Silver

silver ore ore silver

Brown Stone-Platform-Center

ground rock brown rock floors brown rock floor

Brown Stone-Platform-Center-Left

rock platform rock you we will rock you

Brown Stone-Platform-Center-Right

brown cavern wall brown rock wall rockwall

Brown Stone-Platform-Top-Left

brown stone floor brown rock floor bury

Brown Stone-Platform-Top-Right

stone rock wall hole to chine depths of the earth

Brown Stone-Platform-Turn-Bottom-Left

brown cavern floor brown rock flooring brown stone floor

Brown Stone-Platform-Turn-Bottom-Right

brown cave floor brown cave brown cavern flooring

Brown Stone-Platform-Turn-Top-Left

stone flooring rock bottom stone floor

Brown Stone-Platform-Turn-Top-Right

long way down hole bottom cave floor

Brown Stone-Wall-Top-Left

silly tags rock rocks brown rock walls

Brown Stone-Wall-Top-Center

i hate tags so bored stone rock wall

Brown Stone-Wall-Top-Right

brown stone walls brown rock walls stone walls

Brown Stone-Wall-Center-Left

Brown Stone-Wall-Center

brown stones brown stone walls brown stone

Brown Stone-Wall-Center-Right

rock walls brown rock

Brown Stone-Wall-Bottom-Left

brown rock walls brown rockwall brown cavernwall

Brown Stone-Wall-Bottom-Center

brown cave wall mine rescue mine

Brown Stone-Wall-Bottom-Right

stuck in a cave stuck down here rescue

Brown Stone-Platform-Splotch

brown stone path brown rock splotch brown rock floor

Brown-Cave Path-Splotch

brown stone pathway brown stonepath brown stone path

Brown-Cave Path

rock path brown stone path brown

Brown Stone-Ore-Copper

copper ore ore copper

Brown Stone-Ore-Crystal

geode crystal wall crystal

Brown Stone-Ore-Gold

gold ore ore gold

Brown Stone-Ore-Silver

silver ore ore silver


crystal cave crystals crystal

Rock-Grey Boulder

boulders boulder rock

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