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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Town Map Combo Pack

Author: Tom Cartos $4.99 USD

The Town Map Builder Combo Pack includes a pre-made town map, with and without labels, for you to drop straight in to your campaign, as well as 5 seamless base textures, 110 building tokens, 32 modular river and road pieces and 29 other assorted assets for you to create your own map entirely from scratch!

The suggested sizes are intended for a 1:30 scale map, but all assets are high resolution and can be increased by up to 300% without noticeable loss of quality.

All of the building tokens with an 'outline' variant have corresponding 1:5 scale multi-level interior battlemaps that can be found in my 'Starter Town' map bundles.

197 Items Included in Town Map Combo Pack

TC_Ostenwold Town Map Labelled_Grid_64x44

labelled town map

TC_Ostenwold Town Map Labelled_No Grid_64x44

labelled town map

TC_Town Map_Grid_64x44

unlabelled town map

TC_Town Map_No Grid_64x44

unlabelled town map

TC_Apothecarys House Outlined_2x2

outlined thatch house

TC_Apothecarys House_2x2

thatch building house

TC_Barn Outlined_2x2

outlined barn shed


barn shed building

TC_Blackmith Outlined_2x2

outlined tiled roof blacksmith


blacksmith roof building

TC_Brewery Outlined_4x3

outlined brewery building


tiled roof brewery building

TC_Church Outlined_3x3

outlined cathedral church


cathedral roof church

TC_Farmhouse Outlined_2x2

outlined farmhouse thatched


farmhouse thatch roof

TC_Fort Outlined_4x3

outlined fort keep


barracks fort keep

TC_General Store Outlined_2x2

tradepost outlined general store

TC_General Store_2x2

tradepost general store tiled roof

TC_Inn Outlined_3x3

outlined inn tavern


thatched roof inn tavern

TC_Magic Store Outlined_2x3

outlined magic store townhouse

TC_Magic Store_2x3

magic store shop building

TC_Mayors House Outlined_4x2

outlined mayors house mansion

TC_Mayors House_4x2

mayors house red tiles mansion

TC_Millers House Outlined_2x3

millers house outlined house

TC_Millers House_2x3

millers house tiled roof building

TC_Townhouse Outlined_2x2

red tiled outlined townhouse


townhouse roof building

TC_Townhouses Outlined_4x4

townhouses outlined terrace


terraced townhouses houses

TC_Windmill Outlined_2x2

outlined windmill mill


windmill mill building

TC_Wizards Tower Outlined_2x2

outlined tower wizard

TC_Wizards Tower_2x2

tower wizard mage

TC_House Blue Tile 01_2x2

blue house tiled

TC_House Blue Tile 02_2x2

blue house tiled

TC_House Blue Tile 03_2x2

blue house tiled

TC_House Blue Tile 04_1x2

blue house tiled

TC_House Blue Tile 05_2x2

tiled roof blue house

TC_House Blue Tile 06_1x2

tiled roof townhouse blue

TC_House Blue Tile 07_1x2

townhouse roof grey

TC_House Blue Tile 08_1x2

roof grey house

TC_House Blue Tile 09_2x2

tiled roof grey house

TC_House Blue Tile 10_2x2

grey house tiled

TC_House Blue Tile 11_1x2

town building house

TC_House Blue Tile 12_1x2

town village house

TC_House Blue Tile 13_1x2

town village house

TC_House Blue Tile 14_1x1

town village house

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