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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Arcknight Maps : Ziggurat

Author: Arcknight

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

A map designed to give a proper home to a nefarious end-game boss, vampire lord, or prince of evil. Includes 2 floors of elegance, a terrifying basement, and a Mesopotamian style great altar on the roof. Also includes alternate "day" versions, unfurnished versions, and a sampling of Objects. Complete packs of Objects are separately listed.

28 Items Included in Arcknight Maps : Ziggurat

MN-ZG101 LobbyTop

lair stairs night

MN-ZG101B LobbyTop

foyer night lobby

MN-ZG102 RoofTower

altar cult shrine

MN-ZG103 LobbyBot

hallway crypt night

MN-ZG103B LobbyBot

lighting pillars hall

MN-ZG104 Roof

rooftop ziggurat necropolis

MN-ZG105 SecondFloorLab

night lab alchemy

MN-ZG105B SecondFloorTop

manor night rooms

MN-ZG106 BasementLabs

dungeon basement maze

MN-ZG106B BasementLabs

chamber jail laboratory

MN-ZG107 SecondFloorRooms

rooms beds barrels

MN-ZG107B SecondFloorRooms

mansion lair night

MN-ZG108 BasementRooms

mansion lair basement

MN-ZG108B BasementRooms

mansion lair basement

MN-ZG201 LobbyTop

mansion lair day

MN-ZG201B LobbyTop

mansion lair day

MN-ZG202 RoofTower

altar cult shrine

MN-ZG203 LobbyBot

mansion lair day

MN-ZG203B LobbyBot

mansion lair day

MN-ZG204 Roof

mansion lair day

MN-ZG205 SecondFloorTop

day lab alchemy

MN-ZG205B SecondFloorTop

mansion lair day

MN-ZG206 BasementLabs

day lab alchemy

MN-ZG206B BasementLabs

mansion lair day

MN-ZG207 SecondFloorRooms

day chambers bedrooms

MN-ZG207B SecondFloorRooms

day rooms halls

MN-ZG208 BasementRooms

day rooms basement

MN-ZG208B BasementRooms

day basement quarters

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