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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Quick Encounters Combo Pack

Author: Tom Cartos

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

If your party are in the habit of getting off the rails, or tend to attract more trouble than you had planned for, the Quick Encounters Combo Pack contains everything you need to quickly put together a wilderness encounter battlemap on the fly, or create extensive outdoor set pieces for them to explore. Whether your campaign is set in lush green woodlands, harsh dry deserts, snow capped mountain ranges, or all of the above this pack has you covered.

The Quick Encounters Combo Pack includes 4 pre-made encounter maps in a range of wilderness settings, 5 seamless base textures, 2 weather effect overlays and 345 assets.

Want to use this art pack in your own published Roll20 module? The Creator of this Art Pack is open to discussing Commercial Licensing for an additional licensing fee. Please use the contact information found in their Creator Profile to inquire.

358 Items Included in Quick Encounters Combo Pack

Quick Encounters Sample Map 01 Campsite_Grid_25x25

lake forest campsite

Quick Encounters Sample Map 01 Campsite_No Grid_25x25

map campsite lakeside

Quick Encounters Sample Map 02 Desert Ruins_Grid_25x25

desert ruins oasis

Quick Encounters Sample Map 02 Desert Ruins_No Grid_25x25

map desert ruins

Quick Encounters Sample Map 03 Snow Fort_Grid_25x25

fortress snow bandits

Quick Encounters Sample Map 03 Snow Fort_No Grid_25x25

snow fort battlemap

Quick Encounters Sample Map 04 Lava Pools_Grid_25x25

lava battlemap volvano

Quick Encounters Sample Map 04 Lava Pools_No Grid_25x25

map lava volvano

TC_Grass Base Seamless 25x25

texture grass base

TC_Mud Base Seamless 25x25

texture mud seamless

TC_Rock Base Seamless 25x25

rock seamless base

TC_Sand Base Seamless 25x25

desert sand base

TC_Snow Base Seamless 25x25

texture snow base

TC_Falling Snow Overlay Seamless 25x25

effect snow falling

TC_Falling Ash Overlay Seamless 25x25

effect ash falling

TC_Chasm 01_23x5

pit chasm void

TC_Chasm 02_14x10

pit chasm void

TC_Chasm 03_25x6

chasm ravine void

TC_Chasm 04_16x5

chasm canyon void

TC_Chasm Lava 01_23x5

lava pit chasm

TC_Chasm Lava 02_14x10

lava pit volcano

TC_Chasm Lava 03_25x6

lava river ravine

TC_Chasm Lava 04_16x5

lava pit chasm

TC_Cliff Face 01_6x25

rock cliff face

TC_Cliff Face 02_4x12

rock edge cliff

TC_Cliff Face 03_4x10

rock stone face

TC_Cliff Face 04_5x16

rock edge cliff

TC_Cliff Face 05_4x8

rock stone face

TC_Cliff Face 06_4x8

edge cliff face

TC_Cliff Face 07_6x25

mud cliff face

TC_Cliff Face 08_4x12

edge cliff soil

TC_Cliff Face 09_4x10

side mud cliff

TC_Cliff Face 10_5x16

side hill embankment

TC_Cliff Face 11_4x8

side edge cliff

TC_Cliff Face 12_6x21

earth cliff face

TC_Dirt Path End_19x8

dirt mud track

TC_Dirt Path Junction_25x16

dirt path mud

TC_Dirt Path_25x6

dirt path mud

TC_Dirt Path Corner_15x15

corner dirt track

TC_Dirt Path Crossing_25x25

dirt track crossroad

TC_Ice Pool 01_25x9

pool lake ice

TC_Ice Pool 02_9x5

pond ice frozen

TC_Ice Pool 03_5x3

pool ice frozen

TC_Ice Pool 04_4x4

water ice frozen

TC_Ice Pool 05_5x6

lake ice snow

TC_Ice Pool 06_3x3

pond ice frozen

TC_Ice Pool 07_6x3

pool ice frozen

TC_Ice Pool 08_2x2

lake ice frozen

TC_Ice Pool 09_5x4

pond ice frozen

TC_Ice Pool 10_3x3

pond ice frozen

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