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Boss Monster Token Set 14

Author: David North $4.99

Boss Monter Token Set 14 brings you 20 new creature tokens of the biggest and feared creatures throughout the realms!

20 Items Included in Boss Monster Token Set 14


ankhrav hive mother

Arboreal Regent

arboreal regent plant

Arboreal Warden

arboreal warden plant


baomal aberration aquatic

Brain Collector

collector brain aberration


daeodon boar beast


drakauthix fungus plant

Flame Drake

flame drake dragon

Giant Animated Statue

animated statue giant

Giant Bat

bat beast giant


gogiteth underdark aberration

Great Cyclops

monstrosity cyclops great

Grizzly Bear

grizzly bear beast


lillend azata celestial


megaprimatus gorilla beast


aeon pleroma celestial

Rune Giant

humanoid rune giant

Shield Archon

archon celestial shield

Snapping Flytrap

flytrap snapping plant

Veiled Master

vidileth veiled master

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