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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Portal Packs - Monstrous Miniatures - Legion of the Dead

Author: Mythic Portal Games $4.99 USD

Mythic Portal Games is proud to present Legion of the Dead. The fourth entry in a new series of fantasy top-down tokens. Legion of the Dead contains 24 tokens of undead enemies that are perfect for any lair or tomb or crypt. All handcrafted by our in house artist Jay Piscopo.

As always this pack is fully compatible with our Token Essentials, Building Essentials, Mighty Miniatures, and One Minute Maps products.

24 Items Included in Portal Packs - Monstrous Miniatures - Legion of the Dead


ghast undead monster

Ghoul V1

ghoul undead monster

Ghoul V2

ghoul undead monster

Ghoul V3

ghoul undead monster


lich undead monster

Mummy V1

mummy undead monster

Mummy V2

mummy undead monster


shade shadow undead

Skeleton V1

skeleton undead monster

Skeleton V2

skeleton undead monster

Skeleton V3

skeleton undead monster

Specter V1

specter spirit undead

Specter V2

specter spirit undead

Vampire V1

vampire undead monster

Vampire V2

vampire undead monster

Wight V1

wight undead monster

Wight V2

wight undead monster

Will O Wisp

will o wisp undead monster


wraith shade undead

Zombie V1

undead monster zombie

Zombie V2

undead monster zombie


banshee spirit undead

Death Knight

deathknight undead monster


spirit ghost undead

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