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Fantasy Neighborhood Mapping Insignias

Author: DMS Creations $6.99

You spent so much time making these maps, and setting up every shop - Now, with this set you have the tools to make it easier for your players to find their way through the city at a glance.
There are 74, high resolution, digitally rendered tokens to be used as Insignias for your maps.

DMS Creations

77 Items Included in Fantasy Neighborhood Mapping Insignias


maptile savant doctor

Port Air

maptile airport port

Port Water

maptile port dock

Restaurant 01

maptile restaurant dining

Restaurant 02

maptile restaurant dining

Restaurant 03

maptile restaurant dining

Restaurant 04

maptile restaurant dining


maptile scribe bookkeeper


scryer maptile divination

Shop Bakery

maptile bakery shop

Shop Basket

maptile shop baskets

Shop bread

maptile bakery shop

Shop flower

maptile shop flowers

shop Hats

hats maptile shop

shop Magic 02

maptile shop magic

shop Magic

maptile shop magic

shop Market

maptile shop market

Shop Spa

grooming maptile shop

Shop Tobacco

maptile tobacco shop

Smith Armor

maptile smith armor

Smith Black

maptile smith blacksmith

Smith Clay

potter maptile smith

Smith Engineer

maptile smith engineer

Smith Jewel

maptile jewelry smith

Smith Tinker

maptile tinker fixer

Smith Weapon

maptile smith weapons

Smith Wood

maptile carpentry smith


maptile barn stable

Store General

maptile store general

Store Pet

maptile pets shop


maptile shop clothing

Tavern 01

maptile hostel tavern

Tavern 02

maptile hostel tavern

Tavern 03

maptile hostel tavern


maptile temple church

Town Hall

bookeeping maptile town hall

Training area Calvary

training area maptile calvary

Training area Melee

maptile training melee


maptile bank treasury


gravedigger maptile undertaker

Alchemist 01

maptile shop alchemist

Apothocary 01

apothocary maptile shop

Apothocary 02

apothocary maptile herbalist


maptile arena fighting


maptile shop artist


maptile astronomer telescope

Bar 01

maptile drinks bar

Bar 02

maptile drinks bar

Bar 03

maptile drinks bar

Bar Hooka

hooka maptile bar

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