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Mildly Monstrous - Creatures Pack 2

Author: MildMisanthropy $4.99 USD

Creatures Pack 2 contains 82 tokens modeled after classic animal companions and adversaries that would be at home in any traditional fantasy setting.


For custom tokens, commissions, or questions, contact me here or via twitter @mildmisanthrop3.

All tokens in Mildly Monstrous: Creatures Pack 2 are for personal use only.

82 Items Included in Mildly Monstrous - Creatures Pack 2

Badger 1A

weasel beast black

Badger 1B

weasel beast bow

Bat 2A

nocturnal beast black

Bat 2B

aura beast purple

Bat 2C

aura beast green

Bat Swarm

nocturnal beast black

Bear 1A

beast moon black

Bear 1B

teddy beast brown

Bear Large 1A

grizzly beast brown

Bear Large 1B

smokey beast black

Bear Large 1C

polar beast white

Boar 1A

hog pig beast

Boar 1B

hog pig beast

Boar 2A

hog pig beast

Boar 2B

hog pig beast

Cat 1A

beast black feline

Cat 1B

calico beast feline

Cat 1C

beast orange feline

Clydesdale 1A

chestnut beast horse

Clydesdale 1B

beast black horse

Clydesdale 1C

dapple gray horse

Clydesdale 2A

chestnut saddle horse

Clydesdale 2B

saddle black horse

Clydesdale 2C

gray saddle horse

Clydesdale 3A

red horse armor

Clydesdale 3B

black horse armor

Clydesdale 3C

yellow horse armor

Deer 1A

cuddly fawn beast

Deer 1B

fawn beast bow

Deer 1C

fawn beast bow

Dog 1A

labrador beast yellow

Dog 1B

labrador chocolate beast

Dog 1C

collie beast black

Eagle 1A

hawk beast brown

Eagle 1B

hawk beast bald

Elk 1A

beast brown antlers

Elk 1B

beast amber antlers

Giant Boar 1A

hog beast brown

Giant Boar 1B

hog beast red

Giant Boar 1C

hog beast black

Giant Eagle 1A

hawk beast brown

Giant Eagle 1B

hawk gray beast

Giant Eagle 1C

hawk beast bald

Giant Goat 1A

gray beast horns

Giant Goat 1B

beast white horns

Giant Goat 1C

red eyes black horns

Giant Rat 1A

gray rodent beast

Giant Rat 1B

gray rodent beast

Giant Snake 1A

serpent coral beast

Giant Snake 1B

constrictor serpent beast

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