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Dutiful Constructs Token Set

Author: David North $4.99

The Dutiful Constructs Token Set features 20 new construct creature tokens ready to perform their duties, whether built or summoned within the world of your RPG campaign.

20 Items Included in Dutiful Constructs Token Set

Clay Scout

construct scout clay

Clockwork Beetle Swarm

swarm clockwork beetle

Clockwork Beetle

clockwork beetle construct

Clockwork Hound

hound clockwork construct

Clockwork Huntsman

huntsman clockwork construct

Clockwork Myrmidon

myrmidon clockwork construct

Clockwork Watchman

watchman clockwork construct

Clockwork Weaving Spider

weaving clockwork spider


doudrone construct creature

Eye Golem

eye golem construct

Hoard Golem

hourd golem construct

Iron Cobra

cobra construct iron


monodrone construct creature

Oaken Bolter

oaken bolter construct


quadrone construct creature

Salt Golem

salt golem construct

Smaragdine Golem

smaragdine golem construct

Steam Golem

golem construct steam

Stone Cursed

cursed construct stone


tridrone construct creature

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