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The Gated Bridge - Battlemap

Author: Eightfold Paper $4.99

A collection of 20x35" battle maps. The map pack contains map variants for varied use. I'm hoping you enjoy the battlemaps as much as I like making them!

Story: The Gated Bridge features a bridge spanning from hill to hill above a blue, gorging river. One side is heavily fortified with thick walls and a metal gate. The other side is left untouched apart from a small road. When needed the walls can be manned by guards and the bridge itself can be bottle necked with various obstacles. Will you be able to make it past the gate?

Map variations:
- Normal
- Normal.Night
- Fortified
- Fortified. Night

4 Items Included in The Gated Bridge - Battlemap


fort castle bridge


fort castle bridge


fort castle bridge


fort castle bridge

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