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Adytias Pack

Author: Elcio Trombini $4.99

This pack contains tokens of the adytias, ancient deities and demi gods.

19 Items Included in Adytias Pack

Agni, The Fire Lord

agni god fire

Ahura Statue

druj daiwa ahura

Brihaspati - God of Wisdom

brihaspati rishi guru

Indra - The Storm God

indra atmosphere sky


erawan elephant monster

Jagannath Temple Car

juggernaut golem stone

Jagannath Kala

juggernaut golem stone

Jagannath Temple, Upper Part

juggernaut construct stone

Jagannath Temple, Lower Part

juggernaut construct stone

Kala Stone Head, Shadowless

statue monster stone

Jagannath Temple

juggernaut construct stone

Kali, Goddess of Destruction

kali destruction goddess

Kala Stone Head

statue monster stone

Rakshasa - Commander

rakshasa fiend cat

Mitra, Mediator of the Pantheons

mitra friendship god

Rudra, Lord of Diseases

rudra deity god

Rakshasa - Raja

rakshasa fiend cat

Ushas - Goddess of Dawn

eos aurora solar

Surya - God of Dusk

astraios astraeus solar

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