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Faction Tokens 2

Author: Heroic Roleplaying Press $4.99

Bring your heroes, villains, and monsters to life with 42 all-new tokens! This pack includes color-coded token frames to show membership in the major factions encountered during your adventures. All tokens are sized at 560px to highlight detail at any map scale. This pack includes token frames ideal for both player and non-player characters.

42 Items Included in Faction Tokens 2

Black-White 2

templar border token

Blue-Black 1

frame border blue

Blue-Black 2

frame blue portrait

Gray-Green 1

contagion rot token

Gray-Green 2

border gray portrait

Green-Gray-Red 1

dark green token

Green-Gray-Red 2

border dark black

Green-Ivory-Red 1

death green token

Green-Ivory-Red 2

bone white token

Green-Orange 1

border orange token

Green-Orange 2

bright border portrait

Green-Red 1

christmas holiday border

Green-Red 2

christmas holiday token

Green-Yellow 1

border yellow green

Green-Yellow 2

yellow green portrait

Orange-Blue 1

orange blue token

Orange-Blue 2

border orange blue

Pink-Gray 1

gray pink token

Pink-Gray 2

gray pink portrait

Pink-Purple 1

pink purple token

Pink-Purple 2

pink purple portrait

Purple-Gold 1

border purple gold

Purple-Gold 2

border royal gold

Purple-White 1

purple white token

Purple-White 2

border purple white

Red-Orange 1

orange red token

Red-Orange 2

autumn fall token

Red-Tan 1

tan red token

Red-Tan 2

border tan red

Red-Yellow 1

border yellow red

Red-Yellow 2

bright red token

White-Blue 1

white blue token

White-Blue 2

border blue portrait

White-Gold 1

white gold token

White-Gold 2

border white gold

Yellow-Black 1

bee border caution

Yellow-Black 2

bee caution token

Yellow-White 1

border yellow white

Yellow-White 2

border yellow white

Black-Purple 1

purple black token

Black-Purple 2

purple evil token

Black-White 1

black white token

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