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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Meanders Map Pack SHIPSTARTER

Author: Game Tile Warehouse

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $29.99

SHIPSTARTER is part of a special map super-series called 'Meanders' which are 27x18" terrain maps that act and can be tiled like modular dungeon tiles. Meanders use a system of multiple repeating exit/entrance points to ensure the pathways always line up with almost 900 other Meanders in dozens of varieties (and counting) for continuous, interchangeable terrains that feels random, sprawling with meandering pathways for adventurers to explore. Meanders can join to any other Meander from above, below, left or right, regardless of genre or series - including itself. Some special Meanders known as 'Edgers' provide grand entrances or exits from an area, while 'Blenders' provide a smooth transition between two different terrains.

This special set of dozens of ship maps features 32 assorted Ship JPEG Maps sized at 140 x 140px / 7560x2520px / 72 DPI with no grid - AND - 4 massive Battlemaps at 140 x 140px / 7560x5040 / 72 DPI with no grid to enhance and compliment existing Meanders. Shipstarter primarily offers a huge range of 4 multi-decked pirate and ghost ships (with full interiors) featuring versions with munitions (visible cannons/gunpowder) and no munitions for games set in eras before such firepower. From walking the plank into the jaws of death to deep-sea diving, to scuttling or abandoning the ship, loading/unloading it or facing off in a deadly battle with a boarding party - it's all here. They fit with Meanders Ocean, Reef, Island and Fantasy City Docks maps and give you an unrivalled and generous range of highly-detailed beautiful ships including Viking - Pirate Galleon - Ghost Ship - Steampunk Ship (2 Decks) -Tramp Freighter - Airship - Skeletal Warship - Burning - Shark-Infested - Docked - Sinking - Underwater Wrecks + 2 Spelljammer-esque Spaceships, the Octocuda and the Rayken. Beyond that you also get an enormous Pirate Cove cliff city, sprawling Treasure Island, Pirates at War (featuring two ships side by side boarding one another) and Kraken Attack mega-map. Yo ho me hearties :)

36 Items Included in Meanders Map Pack SHIPSTARTER

Shipstarter Ghost Ship - Quarterdecks - No Cannons

ghost galleon quarterdeck

Shipstarter Ghost Ship - Upper Deck - No Cannons

ghost galleon upperdeck

Shipstarter Ghost Ship - Upper Deck

ghost upperdeck munitions

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon - Brig Deck

galleon brig munitions

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon - Castle Deck - No Munitions

pirate galleon castle

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon - Castle Deck

galleon castle munitions

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon - DOCKED

galleon docks unloading

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon - Lower Deck - No Munitions - LIT

pirate galleon lowerdeck

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon - Lower Deck

galleon munitions lowerdeck

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon - SINKING

pirate galleon sinking

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon - UNDERWATER Lower Deck

galleon underwater lowerdeck

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon - UNDERWATERQuarterdeck

galleon underwater quarterdeck

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon - Upper Quarter Deck - No Munitions

galleon quarterdeck upperdeck

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon - Upper Quarter Deck

galleon upperdeck munitions

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon -Brig -No Munitions - LIT

pirate galleon brig

Shipstarter Pirate Galleon Quarterdeck - SHARKS

sharks galleon quarterdeck

Shipstarter Skeletal Warship

undead skeletal warship

Shipstarter Steampunk Ship - Upperdeck

ship steampunk upperdeck

Shipstarter Steampunkship Lower Deck

ship steampunk lowerdeck

Shipstarter The Octocuda

creature space ship

Shipstarter Tramp Freighter

ship tramp freighter

Shipstarter Underwater Galleon Abyssal Ledge 2

galleon underwater ledge

Shipstarter Underwater Galleon Abyssal Ledge

galleon underwater ledge

Shipstarter Underwater Galleon Green Shallows

galleon shallows underwater

Shipstarter Underwater Galleon Shallows

galleon shallows underwater

Shipstarter Viking Ship - UpperDeck

viking longboat warship

Shipstarter The Rayken

creature space ship

Shipstarter Airship

floating airship skyship

Shipstarter Burning Pirate Galleon Version 2

ship galleon burning

Shipstarter Ghost Ship - Brig Deck

ghost brig munitions

Shipstarter Ghost Ship - Lower Deck

ghost munitions lowerdeck

Shipstarter Ghost Ship - Quarter Deck

ghost quarterdeck munitions

Shipstarter Kraken Assault

galleon giant squid kraken

Shipstarter Pirates at War

battle skirmish boarding

Shipstarter Treasure Island

treasure beach island

Shipstarter Pirate Cove

pirate hideout cove

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