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Elemental's People Pack 2

Author: Elemental Flame $4.99 USD

In this continuation of my People Pack line you will find over 100 new and unique tokens from a top-down perspective of people, both male and female, from various races including:
• Dragonborn (Singular)
• Dwarves
• Elves (Including Several Drow and a Pine Elf!)
• Firbolg
• Gnomes
• Half-Orcs
• Halflings
• Humans
• Kobold (Singular)
• Orcs
• Tieflings

Portraits. For the first time ever I am including full-body front-view pictures of several tokens. Most of these are from a campaign I run or special requests and I wanted to gauge if there is enough interest to continue to pursue this style since it was not my intention to create anything more than top-down when I became a creator. With that in mind, any feedback is appreciated -- in the form of purchases or messages!

Sizing. These tokens are appropriately sized for Roll20 with each gaming square representing a 5ft. area. Each token is designed to fit in a 1x1 square on your Virtual Table Top with the exception of one half-orc who couldn't keep his staff inside the square. Whoops! (It is noted in his filename)

Recurring Characters. If there's any particular characters you like in this set you can always reach out to me on Twitter if you'd like to see more of them in future packs. You may notice a familiar face or two in this set if you look closely.

177 Items Included in Elemental's People Pack 2

Dragonborn Male 001

reptile dragonkin blind

Dwarf Male 009

templar cleric

Dwarf Male 010

aristocrat noble dwarf

Elf Female 008

scar elderly

Elf Female 009

prisoner dancer

Elf Female 010

waitress barmaid

Elf Female 011

sorceress elderly

Elf Female 012

peasant elderly

Elf Female 013

gown dark drow

Elf Male 008

caster wizard mage

Elf Male 009

jovial noble

Elf Male 010

dark drow elf

Elf Male 011

dark drow elf

Elf Male 012

masked drow assassin

Elf Male 013

dark drow noble

Elf Male 014

pine elf

Elf Male 015

robe hooded drow

Elf Male 016

aristocrat drow noble

Elf Male 017

tophat hat noble

Firbolg Male 001

firbolg shaved scimitar

Firbolg Male 002

firbolg shaved scimitar

Gnome Male 008

smith tinkerer gnome

Half Orc Female 002

woman pirate

Half Orc Male 002

orc barbarian axe

Half Orc Male 003

finery noble

Half Orc Male 003

plate armor

Half Orc Male 004 1x2

orc half shaman

Half Orc Male 005 1x2

ritualist spirit ghost

Halfling Female 009

dancing barmaid dancer

Halfling Male 012

daggers halfling rogue

Human Female 039

mom mother woman

Human Female 040

monkey woman pirate

Human Female 041

pistol woman pirate

Human Female 042

mature knives daggers

Human Female 043

pale woman noble

Human Female 044

vistani woman

Human Female 045

mature cook woman

Human Female 046

drinking wine woman

Human Female 047

petrified woman

Human Female 048

captive prisoner fur

Human Female 049

pauper captive prisoner

Human Female 050

captive prisoner poor

Human Female 051

waitress barmaid

Human Female 052

waitress barmaid

Human Female 053

waitress barmaid

Human Female 054

vistani fortuneteller

Human Female 055

werepanther panther lycanthrope

Human Female 056

seated pirate

Human Female 057

drinking woman

Human Female 058

seated drinking sitting

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