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Infernal War Token Set 1

Author: David North $4.99

Show your players the true horrors of the Infernal War with 20 new creature tokens!

20 Items Included in Infernal War Token Set 1

Archduke Zariel of Avernus

archduke zariel fiend

Arkhan the Cruel

arkhan cruel dragonborn


bel fiend demon

Black Gauntlet of Bane

bane gauntlet black

Bone Whelk

whelk monstrosity bone


toeck crokek demon

Death's Head of Bhaal

bhaall death's head

Fiendish Flesh Golem

fiendish golem flesh

Fist of Bane

bane fist of


hellwasp fiend insect


hollyphant celestial creature

Iron Consul

consul humanoid iron


krull tortle fiend

Master of Souls

souls master of

Necromite of Myrkul

myrkul necromite of

Night Blade

blade humanoid night

Reaper of Bhaal

bhaal reaper of


redcap fey gnome

Skull Lasher of Myrkul

lasher myrkul skull

Torogar Steelfist

steelfist torogar minotaur

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