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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Ddraig Goch's Barbarian Pack

Author: Kiel Thompson $5.99 USD

This product depicts 55 uniquely designed 3D rendered tokens to be used in your fantasy role-playing games. It all begins with a Barbarian starting a fight in a tavern, doesn't it?

Different races included are:

Objects and furniture:

Included is a Barbarian camp map to be used in your fantasy campaign

55 Items Included in Ddraig Goch's Barbarian Pack

Barbarian Aasamir Female 1

wield dual woman

Barbarian Aasamir Female 2

scourge wings woman

Barbarian Aasamir Female 3

protector wings woman

Barbarian Aasamir Female 4

wings woman flying

Barbarian Aasamir Female 5

wings woman flying

Barbarian Aasamir Male 1

greataxe two-handed man

Barbarian Aasamir Male 2

fallen man flying

Barbarian Aasamir Male 3

scourge man flying

Barbarian Aasamir Male 5

fallen man flying

Barbarian Camp

hideout encampment cave

Barbarian Centaur Female

dreadlocks woman spear

Barbarian Centaur Male

mohawk man spear

Barbarian Chest Closed

strongbox coffer trunk

Barbarian Chest Open

strongbox coffer trunk

Barbarian Dragonborn Blue

half dragon male

Barbarian Dragonborn Red

half dragon male

Barbarian Dwarf Female 1

wield dual woman

Barbarian Dwarf Female 2

wield dual woman

Barbarian Dwarf Male

dual man hammer

Barbarian Elf Female

two-handed woman sword

Barbarian Elf Male

greataxe two-handed man

Barbarian Fireplace

hearth metal furniture

Barbarian Skull Flag

standard orc banner

Barbarian Glass Flask

drinking bottle green

Barbarian Gnome Female

small woman axe

Barbarian Gnome Male

svirfneblin deep man

Barbarian Goblin Female

pigtails green woman

Barbarian Goblin Male

man green rogue

Barbarian Goliath Female

tattoos woman axe

Barbarian Goliath Male

greataxe tattoos man

Barbarian Halfling Female

blonde woman longsword

Barbarian Halfling Male

blue man hair

Barbarian Half-Orc Female 1

dreadlocks greataxe woman

Barbarian Half-Orc Female 2

dreadlocks greataxe woman

Barbarian Half-Orc Male 1

man green sword

Barbarian Half-Orc Male 2

man red sword

Barbarian Human Female 1

scimitar woman sword

Barbarian Human Female 2

greataxe red woman

Barbarian Human Male 1

long-haired greataxe man

Barbarian Human Male 2

killmonger dreadlocks man

Barbarian Human Male 3

conan greatsword man

Barbarian Orc female

red-haired greataxe woman

Barbarian Orc Male 1

man green axe

Barbarian Orc Male 2

man green axe

Barbarian Shield

raven buckler viking

Barbarian Skull Trophy

horned animal creature

Barbarian Tabaxi Female

tiger cat woman

Barbarian Tabaxi Male

tiger cat man

Barbarian Tiefling Female

demon woman flying

Barbarian Tiefling Male

demon blue flying

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